JUST ASKING! Is this Mp Adeke’s soul winner?

Adeke is nolonger single. Circled is a ring that was planted on her

Adeke is nolonger single. Circled is a ring that was planted on her
Isaac Elakuna

It is an undeniable fact that a few weeks ago Soroti District Woman MP Anna Adeke officially quit the singles club—a man, not a woman, planted a ring on her left hand finger and officially booked her. It is also an undeniable fact that she will legalise this affair next year for both traditional and church ceremonies.

But mystery shrouds this ‘lucky man’ who Adeke is officially surrendering her pin code to for the rest of her life with other factors constant. In an attempt to unravel him, a name Isaac Elakuna has popped up. He is the outgoing Soroti Municipality Speaker, a staunch member of FDC just like Adeke. He is also the vice chairman of urban speakers association of Uganda. Moles say, if the rumours are anything to go by, the marriage is politically motivated.

That she wants to use it to cement her position in Soroti politics. However, Adeke’s close pals whispered to us another version. They don’t deny the fact that the two are friends; but it ends at that.

They say Elakuna linked up with Adeke way back in 2010 during Makerere University days under the Teso Students Development Association (TESDA). And when Denis Oneka became Makerere guild president in 2011, Elakuna was appointed to serve in his cabinet as a minister.

Elakuna reportedly politically mentored Adeke to an extent that he would later campaign for her in pursuit of Makerere guild presidency which she won in 2013. Even when she stood for national female youth Mp in 2016, Elakuna was reportedly on her side. That it is this closeness that has made some Ugandans to think the two connect even in heart to heart matters.

Even if they were to get married, Adeke’s pals also say Elakuna is not a Soroti native but comes from Acowa, Kapelebyong: so the assumption that their marriage would cement her in Soroti politics is far-fetched. All that said, coincidentally, Adeke’s pals also say Elakuna is officially getting married next year. And the question remains who is his soul winner if not Adeke? Watch this space!

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