Kizza Besigye is my inspiration — Dr. Stella Nyanzi

Dr. Nyanzi

Makerere University Institute of Social research fellow Dr. Stella Nyanzi who went naked yesterday protesting closure of her office by the research institute head Prof. Mahmood Mamdani has praised Dr. Kizza Besigye over his defiance campaign.


Dr. Nyanzi, a self-confessed admirer of Kizza Besigye and a relentless critic of president Museveni also thanked people who inspired her to defy Mamdani’s directive.

Below is the full statement that Dr. Stella posted on her Facebook timeline today morning

I am very thankful for my friends and followers who stood in solidarity with me in the battle for my office.

I thank everyone who publicised, liked, shared, re-posted, tweeted, re-tweeted, quoted, blogged, trolled, counter-trolled, emoticoned, discussed, watsapped, flikred, instagrammed, pinged, spinned, built traffic or took any other form of social justice activism in my defense on social media. Thank you for loving me.

I thank those who were shocked and scandalised on my behalf.

Spectre, scandal, disgust, angst, horror and shock are part of the ammunition that fires up social protest of the powerless.

Each hot shocked hhuhh that hit hard at the hearts and heads of everyone who saw my boldly bared big black bad-arse beautiful body was a bullet that shot at the power of my oppressor.

I thank you for bearing and carrying the sight of my umm… big fat flabby breasts, my scarred swollen swanky stomach, and the be-dimpled bare buttocks brought out in my struggle. After seeing my boyoyo, no one has a reason to feel bad about their bodies anymore. Celebrate your bodily beauty! I praise God for my beautiful body each hour.

I thank you for prayerfully fighting with me until my office was returned to me. I thank you for your love, prayers and support.

And most certainly, I thank Facebook for empowering the powerless with a tool so powerful that it exposed and broke down my six-year old battle against work-place violations. Now, the harder fight against the choking systemic inefficiencies and toxic structural malfunctions within Makerere University is not over by a close shot. I am going to fight until I see the change that I desire.

And lastly, I thank my President, His Excellency Dr. Kizza Besigye and all those who subscribe to his leadership, for inspiring me to defy demonic domination by illegitimate impostors and mortal oppressive demi-gods exalting themselves over gunless Ugandans. Wata toka kwa barabara, wallhi. Kama mbaya, mbaya!

Kizza Besigye oyeeeeeeee!

Kizza Besigye oyeeeeeeee!

Kizza Besigye oyeeeeeeee!

The rest zeeeeeeeeee!

One people one Uganda.

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