Latinum onto cribs challenge- his is 90 million

By Tonny Akankwatsa

Apparently, it seems the trendy swag is about showing off cribs. Since Swag Mama as she self-proclaim-Sheebah Karungi flaunted her multi-million residential, a number of limelight addicts have turned it into a challenge of sorts to also start showing off their cribs.

The so-called ‘house challenge’ was started by Chameleon when he transferred his family residence to America, and Spice Diana when she showed off her unfinished mansion. Later on, Banjo Man and Rema Namakula’s buildings forged their way onto social media.

Now, the young star, Latinum has also decided to jump on the table of artistes progressing with success. The ‘Baabo’ hitmaker posted a photo of a house that we are yet to affirm whether the crib really belongs to him as alleged. He claims that it cost him ‘90.5 million shillings,’ when a fan inquired.

Though we haven’t seen the party included in the challenge. We’ll keep you posted.

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