Mafabi Supporters Move To Form New Party

Nandala Mafabi, MP Budadiri West and outgoing Leader of Opposition in parliament.

Nandala Mafabi, MP Budadiri West and outgoing Leader of Opposition in parliament.
Nandala Mafabi, MP Budadiri West and outgoing Leader of Opposition in parliament.

A group of supporters of the Forum for Democratic Change – FDC party loyal to Budadiri West MP Nathan Nandala Mafabi have announced a breakaway from FDC and plan to form a new political party.

The group mostly from Bugisu sub-region is angered by the sacking of Mafabi from the position of Leader of Opposition in Parliament.

On Friday, FDC leader Major General Mugisha Muntu removed Mafabi as Leader of Opposition in Parliament and replaced him with party publicist, Bukhooli Central MP Wafula Oguttu. In the changes announced in a charged party management meeting in Kampala, the Chief Whip Winfred Kiiza was also removed and replaced by veteran politician Cecilia Ogwal.

Now Mafabi’s supporters say they can no longer work with the FDC, a party they claim has been infiltrated by people from the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM). They accordingly announced a drive to form a new political party ahead of 2016 general elections.

They are being coordinated by Alfred Namaasa, the Mbale District former FDC Publicity Secretary.

In a press briefing in Mbale on Monday afternoon, Namaasa said after a number of consultations with the FDC supporters in the Elgon and Bukedi Regions, they have decided to painfully abandon the FDC and form a new political party.

They said they realized that FDC party can no longer take over power under what they described as weak leadership of Major Gen. Mugisha Muntu who they accused of failing to address very serious pertinent party issues.

Among these issues include failing to form party structures in preparation for the 2016 General Election   as was agreed during the FDC delegates’ conference held in November 2012.

Others are failure by the party leadership to get guidance from the Ladislaus Rwakafuzi’s Commission and also failure by the leadership to constitute the National Executive Committee and election of other party leaders among others.

They also claim that Nandala Mafabi is being frustrated by his rival Mugisha Muntu yet he spent a lot of his personal funds on the party, something which the party should have rewarded him for.

Mabanya Nasuru, Mbale District FDC vice chairman who is also FDC District celectoral commission chairperson, says their defection was prompted by the sacking of Mafabi from the position of Leader of Opposition.

Mabanya says they can embrace any other changes in the party but that of Mafabi was done in bad faith.

He says they are now on a mobilization tour of the country to sensitize the public on the new party so as members from other political organizations and the general public across the country can embrace and give their input.

Polly Mogoya, the FDC chairman for Sironko district, says he and his team support the idea of a new party yet to be formed. He says the manner in which Muntu is handling party issues is frustrating.

The group said they are yet to confirm the name and care takers of the new party within a month’s time. But an inside source who declined to be named told local media that Mafabi has been consulted to take the party chair.

Attempts to get Mafabi for a comment were futile as he was addressing a public rally in Butesa sub county headquarters in Sironko by the time of filling this report.

Since Friday last week when he was replaced, Mafabi has been addressing public rallies in his constituency in which he is calling for calm among his supporters.

The FDC party leadership has not yet commented on the latest development. However, Alice Alaso, the FDC Secretary General is quoted by in the local media as saying efforts will be initiated to reach out to Elgon area supporters to explain the changes.

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8 thoughts on “Mafabi Supporters Move To Form New Party

  1. Did i hear something like forming a political party? Bugisu Chaos party. That is a very bad dream more so that it has tribal sentiments, it will soon die a natural death. i can imagine something like Forming a political pary by Nandala will be the last nail on the coffin, Nandala is already struggling economically having sold his personal property and even borrowed in order to win the FDC presidency. He must be in pain but he must act carefull or else he has been tricked into his political Limbo.

    1. I do not belong to FDC but for you to state that Nandala is struggling economically is to have a daylight dream. You must be envious of Mafabi’s wealth which I know is not anywhere near depletion!

      1. This is getting funnier. Why the big deal about Mr. Mafabi’s wealth. Has he declared it to you? People, this is really irrelevant to discuss what is in the man’s personal account.

  2. History indeed repeats itself. The NRM story happening in FDC, you lose your appointment and you cross to another party. Good jobs fellows… I hope you find the change you want.

  3. our dear charismatic leader Nathan nandala mafabi take care.we shouldnt loose you.dont make permanent decisions on temporary feelings.yo stay in fdc or depature will determine how much of a man or coward u r.

  4. the issue of carder ship and positional permanency is too conservative to an ever forward party like FDC he can have another office, Those were nrm games that we are tired of.

  5. We should always no that one man once said that ‘ Happiness is on the other side of fear’. Now most people are scared of the changes and may be want Mafabi might achieve when he and other able Ugandans forms a New Political Party. we should never stop trying to liberate ourselves and those who mean a lot to our selves. In a democratic society

  6. Divide and rule is the game here from the NRM by sending it’s carders into FDC in order to break the strong opposition and enjoy power monopoly even though the government is stuck with corrupt officials,empty drug stores, ailing Education systems and Gayism .

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