Man Disarms Police Officer, Shoots Self Dead

A man in Gulu has this morning disarmed a Police officer and shot himself dead.

The man has been identified as Paul Munu (30). He shot himself at the United Nation Food and Agricultural Organisation (UNFAO) offices as he reported for duty.

They are located in the Senior Quarter in Laroo Division Gulu Municipality.

Munu is reported to have grabbed an AK47 from a female police officer who was guarding the premises, fired several shots at no one in particular and then shot himself in the chest. He died on the spot.

Aswa regional Police Spokesperson, Patrick Jimmy Okema confirmed the incident in a telephone interview.

Okema says they are investigating the matter though they suspect Munu wanted to commit suicide.

Okema says preliminary investigations indicate that Munu has been on mood stabiliser medication.

He adds that police will question the police constable only identified as Ms Akongo to find out how Munu disarmed her.

Cases of suicide in the region since the beginning of the year have been on the increase.

Last week, a local councillor in Layibi division in Gulu Municipality locked himself in his hut and set it ablaze.

While in Nwoya district, the local leaders have reported 11 suicide cases in Kochgoma and Kochlii Sub counties since January this year.

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