Police in Gaba are hunting for a man who fled following a bitter family dispute with his relatives.

WANTED; Mudas Bosa
WANTED; Mudas Bosa

Mudas Bosa vanished without trace after reports emerged that he had developed suspicious closeness with fellow men.

A report filed at Gaba Police Post vide SD 24/16/04/14 indicates that Bosa disappeared from home at the beginning of April 2014 after relatives attempted to subject him to a cleansing to rid him deviant behaviour.

Family sources told red pepper that Bosa’s rift with family members began after he was netted bum-drilling a one Steven Okello.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Bosa could have teamed up with gay symapthisers to sneak out of the country although his particular location is still unknown.

Practicing and abetting sodomy are serious crimes in Uganda and can attract.

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