Man Nearly Lynched For Stealing Qurans

QuranA 20-year-old man has survived being lynched by angry Muslims in Mayuge town council after he was caught red-handed stealing Qurans from a mosque.

Isufu Bazibu, a resident of Kiwani village in Waibuga Sub County, Luuka district was on Monday morning beaten by an angry Muslims after he was caught with stolen Qurans from Masjid Jamia in Mayuge town council.

Sam Epila the OC Mayuge police station said that Bazibu pretended to go for prayer at the mosque and stole eight Qurans and put them in a polythene bag.

According to information at police, Bazibu who was severely beaten by the mob had other nine Qurans suspected to have been stolen from other mosques in Mayuge town council.

Bazibu was spotted by the mosque cleaner who alerted the faithful and police arrested him. One of the witnesses Faizal Mbaasa says Bazibu had stolen nine other Qurans from other mosques.

Mbaasa said the faithful had become wary after repeatedly losing property like shoes, mosque carpets while at prayer. .

Epila said Bazibu has been charged with theft and criminal trespass and will be taken to court of law for hearing.

He however, warned residents against mob justice saying that the act is brutal and also frightens investigations.

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3 thoughts on “Man Nearly Lynched For Stealing Qurans

  1. I don’t know the reasons behind this theft. However, the teaching of Islam is beginning to worry everyone around the globe. This is because terrorism which is now a global threat to humanity centers around Islam for example Al-quador, Al sabab, Boko Haram and most countries in the Arab peninsula. They have laws which treat non moslems as animals.

    I think leaders in Islam need to streamline these abnormalities accordingly otherwise with time to come there will be a global religious war like what is happening in the Central African Public………………….?

  2. Before u comment of something first know what u are going to comment about, u need to know Islam by reading the translated Quran and then u will be able to comment when u are in the know

  3. There is need for somebody to comment on something when he is knowledgeable about it. That man stole bse of poverty in Busoga. Please read the translated Quraan is very clear but people dont know and they want to know, they act out of ignorance

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