Maurice Kirya wants Museveni to address Music Industry woes

Maurice Kirya has said that he turned down the invitation for the launch of Tubonge Nawe at Speke Resort Munyonyo on Friday night , a song composed by multiple artists for president Museveni.

The song that has evoked public ridicule attracted big names in Uganda’s music industry including Jose Chameleone, Irene Namubiru, Juliana, Kanyomozi, Bebe Cool, Radio, and Weasel among others.

Posting on his facebook account yesterday, Kirya said that Museveni should address issues in the music sector that will help the future generations of arts to come.

“I love food, I love to sit down and have a good big meal with the president, I think it would be a big deal, but the reason I turned down his invitation is because I am interested in more important issues at this point, issues that will help the future generations of arts to come…and especially the youth,” he said.

Among the issues Kirya raised is the copyright law and its enforcement, which he said they (musicians) have been asking for enforcement for many years.

“Did the President talk about the copyright law and its enforcement? Did he mention why it is not enforced? Is he aware that we’ve been asking for this enforcement for so many years? Does he realise that the reason he’s giving artistes financial assistance is because the artistes have been denied the benefits of the protection of copyright law which would increase their income?,” he queried.

At the launch, Museveni pledged 400million shillings to the musicians to start a SACCO.

He said that artistes invest talent, hard work, time and money and they definitely want to be paid for their works. “You should be paid every time your songs are played on the radio, every time your work is used. This is a basic principal of the music industry.”

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