Mbabazi Files Petition Challenging Recent Presidential Elections

Mbabazi Lawyer Severino Twinobusingye after filing the petition

Former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi through his lawyers has filed a petition challenging the results of the recently concluded Presidential elections.

Mbabazi Lawyer Severino Twinobusingye
Mbabazi Lawyer Severino Twinobusingye after filing the petition

“What you just witnessed is registration is petition challenging the recent presidential election,” Tom Chemtuai the Supreme Court registrar said after filing Election Petition No. 01/2016

He also said that the petition will be a marathon and it will be entirely funded by the tax payer’s money.

“This will be a marathon of a case including weekends; tax payers will foot the bill.”


“We are going to create an enabling environment for anyone who wants to come and follow the court proceedings.”

One of Mbabazi’s Lawyers Severino Twinobusingye said that Mbabazi believes that Museveni did not win the election.

“John Patrick Amama Mbabazi believes Yoweri Kaguta Museveni did not win this election. What Electoral Commission declared was not the will of the voters.”

He also said that the grounds of the petition are mainly on non-compliance of the law since there was no tally centre.


He further said that Kizza Besigye can join them before hearing begins.

“Joining of parties is not prohibited. Dr. Besigye can join us before the hearing,” revealed Twinobusingye.

FDC fails to file Election Petition

‘We have failed to file an electoral petition today. We shall announce our next best steps on Wednesday 2nd March, 2016 at 11:00 EAT,” reads a tweet from FDC’s official Twitter handle

The further tweeted that; “One electoral petition from any candidate is sufficient to challenge the 2016 election and Mr. Amama Mbabazi MP has successfully done so.”

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