Mutaasa Kafeero’s daughter opens up on leaked naked video: I like Men

Mastula Mutaasa, the daughter to renowned city tycoon Mutaasa Kafeero has lately been in the news for her leaked nude video, in which she was smitten with a fellow girl identified as Bridgette.


A lot of controversy has been surrounding this saga, but no one could tell it better than the ‘victim’ herself.

For starters, Mastula is a gorgeous young lady who hails from a family of 8 children in which she is the last born.

Solomon Businge caught up with the ‘loaded’ tycoon’s daughter, and immediately dived into her leaked video issue,  current life with her husband and many other controversial spheres of her life.

Were you shocked to see the video circulating on social media?

It’s funny because this video was taken a while ago on Snapchat somebody recorded the video while it was on Snapchat…it was me Bridget and Leila (another friend) who was behind the camera.

We were in a rush coz we were going out…so I jumped in to the bath tub but was kind of tipsy and so was Bridget…Leila was laughing coz the tub was too small for us all (I mean the 3 of us ) couldn’t fit in so she took Bridget’s phone and took the video using snap chat but her intentions were to show us how silly we looked squeezing ourselves in the small bathtub…After a while Bridget grabbed the phone from Leila and accidentally sent the video to her news feed…she noticed 10minutes later but deleted it.

She was too tipsy to notice….just so you know…that video is not recent

When it came out, people were very quick to conclude that you and Bridgette could be lesbian lovers How true/false is this?

Hahaahhahaaha now that’s why I say it’s funny….honestly I come from a very descent background I love my dad mum and family and I could never do such things to disrespect them or myself…as far as I know….I could easily hook up with any man in Kampala if I want to…very easy…that’s one thing for sure…plus I can’t start looking for attention on that kind of manner…I have enough attention already…just so you know I’m 100% straight and can never ever think of being lesbian…Bridget Is a long-time friend…if you look at the video closely ….nobody was touching the other.. It’s 2 girls in a bathtub…laughing coz we feel stupid squeezing ourselves in a small tub…

We are both straight 100%

Earlier today, We saw Bridgette ranting over haters. In her post she says, she was just having fun with her girl (you). Not so long ago, you showered each other with praises calling each other bae, boo and soul-mate! Don’t you think an ordinary fan or citizen will find it hard to digest these contradicting claims?

When gals are very close friends…they always refer to each other with phrases like boo..bae…Hun…etc it doesn’t mean they are lovers…it’s just different words to mean BFF..Bridget is a nice girl unless provoked I believe the reason she is ranting that way is coz some people are trying to mess with her…unlike Bridget I don’t have time to rant on the media..

It’s not classy thing to do…Bridget is that friend that always has your back in all situations…what she is trying to do I believe is to show people out there that me and her are always going to stay friends no matter what the media puts out there…looking at the words she uses on her profile, she talks about her boyfriend so if she were lesbian I don’t think her profile picture would have her guy boyfriend LOL it’s funny whenever I talk about the lesbian part…just so unbelievable

Upon seeing this video, so many people seemed disappointed in you; didn’t you have a hard time convincing your parents and family that ‘it’s not what they think’? Did you get any rough messages from your close buddies?

It’s hard to convince the older generation about such a video…I’m really upset but I can’t do anything about it…yes it’s disappointing…but some of the things we go through and mistakes we make in life help us become stronger we are able to stop our children or future generation from doing the same mistakes we did when we were younger….it really sad…but life does move on..apart from my family and the people that really matter to me…the rest don’t really mean a thing

But again….just for some people to know…especially the bitter women out there that use all sorts of insults are spitting fire…they are out there ranting and their men are out filling my inbox with their phone numbers…the world is crazy…what was just a crazy video between 2 gals having fun has turned in to something else…it’s crazy

I don’t even see the fun in that video

Away from the video, during the festive season, you were too close to Karim aka Ting Dis, Are you still in a relationship with him?

Me and Karim are best friends I guess …I would say we are the same age and don’t really know what we are doing…but to wrap it all up…we are some sort of best friends

He understands me as much as I understand him…no hard feelings

Are you trying to mean you and him have never been in love together?

Hahaha all I can say we are best friends of some sort…we seem to understand each other in some special way… Lol your funny

Still about Karim, a rumor that originated from Ivan Ssemwanga has it that Karim ‘could be’ the father of your son! What’s the truth?

No his not My baby Daddy is Hajji Fahd Lugobe….clear I hope you quote that In capital letters

Hajj Fahd Lugobe
Hajji Fahd Lugobe

So, Karim is your ‘special friend’ but he’s also very close to Vivian Bahati, who happens to be one other friend of yours! Doesn’t this make you feel some type of way? 

Hahaha me and hard feelings…we just are VERY special friends…I don’t feel any type of way when his with gals and so does he when I’m with guys  That’s why we are special. Hahahahaha 

Talking about your baby daddy! Rumors say you don’t allow him to see his son! Is this true?

That’s a lie….my baby daddy is the sweetest man on earth…and I’m forever his Baibie sweet heart… Lol and he loves and spoils me and his son

Are you guys back together?      

Yes we are

How about the claims that ‘marrying a guy almost twice your age was a mistake? 

That’s a lie…..LOL Of course his twice my age Hahahahha But we get along. Lol

How did you get back? Did he sweet talk you or he bought an island as a gift?

He spoils me and that’s good enough no magic

He’s such a sweet heart So he sees his son on a daily The press is lying about other stuff 

While breaking up, your partying lifestyle seems to have been the reason why you couldn’t get along Are you now ready to be grounded at home?

Hahahahahaha that part is a mystery

Why? You’re not ready to give it up?

I’m not in the country but me and him solved our issues so we are a happily married couple Hahahahaha

So, when did you get back together! Was it long after the ‘breakup’

Actually we never broke up I’m still a married woman It was just rumors going around

In an interview with Chimp Reports, you narrated how the whole saga began and how you weren’t ready to stay in the relationship anymore. Are you saying that was cooked up?

All that is a lie….maybe there is another Mastula Mutaasa I don’t know

So, when you get back to Uganda, will you cool down and forget the partying lifestyle which seemed to be a problem back then?

Let me ask you a question that instead of giving you an answer….have you ever in your life thought of bringing the bar home??? What’s easier?? Going to a bar or bringing the bar home…just asking…that might answer your question maybe

Is your husband okay with your drinking habit?

I can’t answer that question…it’s a paradox I am a Hajjat just so you know I don’t drink ….I’m Moslem Lol This is funny

Very funny, one minute you’re talking about bringing a bar home, the next one don’t drink!! Bars don’t have juice lol 

I didn’t say I would bring the bar home…I asked you a question and it didn’t have an answer

Meaning I don’t have an answer for it Hahahahha

Honestly. You’re confusing us!

Let’s stop playing Tom and Jerry …anyway…I’m a reformed Moslem girl From a Moslem family and a Hajjati

And a Hajjati Because I did my Hija last year My husband has been very helpful towards my reforming

Yes I’m reformed and it’s a process it doesn’t show up overnight.

Am told you’re doing business administration, Are you planning to overtake your dad’s businesses or…? 

Me and my husband (Hajj Fahd Lugobe) have better plans…and you will see a better me very soon

Also in the interview (with Chimpreports) You told the reporter that you have no use for money. How different are you from the hungry girls of Kampala

Kampala hungry gals look for money around town…do I look like I would be looking for money or attention…My problem has never been money….in fact I’m always the lion in the jungle…LOL I always buy the drinks and pay the bills….whenever I’m with my gals….how hard is that for people to notice that I’ve always never had money problems…my husband can answer that part well enough…anyway….sometimes I have money and I don’t even know what to use it for…that explains the bad company and continuous night partying…a way to spend money lol

It has nothing to do with money problems…that’s why I laugh out loud

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