Go Back To Hospital Or Die, Doctors Order Mbabazi Wife

Jacqueline Mbabazi

Doctors have warned frail Jacqueline Mbabazi, wife to Go Forward presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi of an imminent death should she defy their medical orders of flying back to UK for thorough diagnosis.

Jacqueline Mbabazi
Jacqueline Mbabazi

Jacqueline, last year was flown out of the country seeking treatment in London days after her husband was preparing for nomination seeking to challenge his former ally president Yoweri Museveni’s hold on power.

Reports thereafter emerged that his belligerent wife was diagnosed with cancer and therefore she should spend more time than expected in hospital as medics recommended for more body examinations.

Her pictures later emerged as she appeared feeble raising questions among the people back home of what could have been the cause of her long illness.

The former premier later suspended his campaigns to go be with his wife whom he described as a person he proclaimed to stay with the rest of his life.

Late last year, the two jetted into the country raising hopes in the Go Forward camp that the ‘lioness’ had come back to muster support and traverse the whole country seeking to reorganise the grass root structures.

However, it appears that things are falling apart as Jacqueline’s illness is intensifying everyday igniting panic with her doctors ordering her off politics or any other activity that could affect her health.

A source, in the Go Forward camp who wished to remain unnamed told this website that after Jacqueline’s sudden sickness; “Things went messy as the camp lacked a unifying force leading to so many defections and closure of some bureaus she had opened across the country including her Nakasero operational office.”

After returning, Jackie as commonly known re-opened the offices but this time round shifted the headquarters to her home in Nyonyi, Kololo an upscale suburb of Kampala.

“Jackie was hurt to see losing structure to the regime and subsequently the camp weakening as day followed night. She immediately began working tirelessly to revive the support without minding her health,” a source said.

Adding that Mbabazi’s wife would be holed up in meeting at her home but couldn’t go beyond fearing to be exposed to new deadly virus that would finish her off.

“It pained her while seeing her husband traversing the country in her absence. Sometimes Madam would cry,” a source said.

Unfortunately, her health has deteriorated where doctors think if she doesn’t go back to UK, she is likely to die soon.

Mbabazi’s wife appeared to be a big weapon in dismantling her rivals ‘the first family’ and she would play a pivotal role in the election which now is a myth.

Mbabazi Replaces Wife

Adhering to the recommendations, Mbabazi has replaced his wife with daughters Nina and Rachel who he has tasked to complete their ‘mother’s quest’ of restoring grass root structures, create new ones and also woo back those who defected to the rival party.

A source said that Nina and Rachel will begin negotiations with those who played a big role but later joined the enemy.

A source points out the head of Team Thorough -YKM Ronald Tumwine Ssekitoreko who was a close associate of JPAM operating as operations manager of Mbabazi camp.

“Jacqueline was very much upset to see camp losing such an insider who has caused damage as far as dismantling Go Forward camp and wooing a huge number of their supporters,” a source said.

The recent ‘damage inflicted on Jackie is the defection of the security team that meted violence in Ntungamo sparking off fear among the NRM officials,” a source said.

All these defections are masterminded by Tumwine and his 28 Team Through YKM squad.

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