Opposition Is Using Anti-Police Campaigns—Enanga


Uganda Police Press and Public Relations Officer Uganda Police Fred Enanga has revealed plans by the political activists to use ant-police campaigns to portray the “police as brutal” and as a way of scoring cheap propaganda points in the coming elections.

Fred Enanga, Police spokes person
Fred Enanga, Police spokes person

In a press statement yesterday, he said that the police is aware of these plots and conspiracies but are committed to promoting rule of law, peace and stability.

“The Police has received information that a group of political activists, their proponents and sponsors have adopted an anti-police campaign as a technique to score cheap propaganda points in the forthcoming 2016 several elections,” he said

Adding; “The campaign involves manipulating information to portray the Police as brutal, partisan for which the Police must fight against; and this create an atmosphere that is severe, strong, violent and systematically targeting the Police.”

Enanga said that the plan also part of the political activists’ bigger strategy to disrupt the papal visit to Uganda in November, 2015.


Warning the activists, he said that “to mix politics with our nation’s security that anarchy and recklessness through suffocating the media and the public with falsehoods will fail as no political mileage can ever be achieved by triggering violence and chaos.”

Police has been in the limelight in the recent days over an attempt to stop opposition politicians from holding rallies and consultative meetings as part of preparations in the coming elections.

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