EXCLUSIVE! UPDF General cited in Speaker Among murder claim

Speaker Anita Among

Speaker Anita Among


Fresh details have emerged about the origin of Speaker Anita Annet Among’s murder claims that forced her to tell parliament that she fears for her life. While chairing parliament a few weeks ago, Anita told legislators that there is a group of unnamed persons that are plotting to bump her off.

Her claims have since forced authorities to beef up her security as they investigate the matter further. It has now emerged that her security antennas were raised following a tip off from a top UPDF General.

This General whose identity we cannot reveal for security reasons has since retired from the army but remains active in politics. Given his seniority in the Army and Ugandan politics, Among could not take his alert lightly.

Knowledgeable sources told this newspaper that this same General even gave a hint on who could be interested in bumping her off and why. Security is following this line of investigation also.


It goes without mention that AAA is the 3rd most important person in the country after the president and vice, according to the National Order of Precedence. She is well protected—at home and work—with over 50 guards and travels in a huge convoy including a bullet-proof Germany made S500 Mercedes. Being number three it implies that whoever is planning to bump her off must be equally powerful. There has always been talk of the mafia in the government. They are powerful, have money and connections. Could they be plotting her demise? She has been relating well with power centres, a reason why the system supported her to be deputy speaker and later Speaker following the death of Jacob Oulanyah.


Why did she alert LOP Mpuuga, first, instead of running to C.i.C Gen Museveni, IGP or other authorities? A brief before her, reportedly points to the radical elements in the opposition. Before informally crossing to NRM, AAA belonged to the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). Her defection of course never went well with the opposition especially the radicals. Could they be out to exact revenge? Sources say, her move to alert LOP first was reportedly intended to signal to the opposition that she is aware of their deadly plot.

“She intentionally alerted the LOP because he heads the opposition. She was signaling to them that she is aware of what they are planning and she won’t be cowed,” a source intimated to us.

It goes without mention that two opposition Mps—Allan Ssewanyana and Muhammad Ssegirinya are battling murder related charges following a wave of killings that rocked Masaka sub-region last year.


AAA, a catholic who even a few weeks ago visited Pope Francis, at the Vatican, recently legalized her relationship with new husband Hajji Moses Magogo Hassim. Magogo, being a Muslim has other women. Investigators may want to know whether associates of these other women could be out to just threaten AAA with a view of her abandoning their Magogo.


History has it that for any mafia group to be successful, it must eliminate an enemy, competitor, adversary, witness, gang member gone rogue or hit men who fail to accomplish a mission.

In this case, could those with political interests in the post President Museveni era within Uganda or outside be attempting to eliminate a possible competitor in the names of Anita Annet Among? Could the mafia be planning a political rubout on AAA? Rabout means a politically motivated murder or assassination. According to analysts, now that she is already a speaker, AAA may use her current position as a launch pad for future ambitions including presidency.

The bitter confrontation between the Legislature and the Executive recently over the Nyege Nyege festival also ignited speculations that the Speaker may be laying ground for a possible Presidency challenge. In a no holds barred address akin to a riot act AAA reminded the executive to do its part and leave parliament alone.

AAA didn’t fall short of making threats warning: “Nobody will ever run this house so long as I am in this house, the decision of this parliament on Nyege Nyege stands, the executive should do its part.”


However some pundits opine that the impending assault on AAA has not started now but even when she was still deputy Speaker. During that time, the alleged mafia started trading malicious, false, treacherous and unsubstantiated allegations claiming that was being probed for corruption and shady dealings and that she had fallen out with the appointing authority, Gen Yoweri Museveni.

It goes without mention that in Uganda today, it has become the order of the day that leaders who emerge to serve the interests of the wanainchi with utmost commitment and professionalism, are fought to death by mafias.

Watchers add that AAA could now be the latest victim of the mafiaism cliques in the country.

Calm and composed, AAA proved her critics wrong! Through the mentorship of her senior, Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, AAA within a short time mastered the art of chairing the House with utmost professionalism to the surprise of her haters. Her ability to learn, listen, transform and adapt within a few months turned her into a formidable pillar within Parliament and other arms of Government.

Even when the Speaker Oulanyah was ill, AAA did not shy away from the huge responsibility left behind, she took up the mantle and there was no single day that parliamentary business stalled even in the absence of the Speaker. She even oversaw the vetting of ministers.

All this explains why the mafia may now be hunting her down.

To some pundits, AAA’s leadership is devoid of political sentiments, affiliations, segregation and discrimination. It is not a surprise that she has won the hearts of even the most radical and conservative leaders in all spheres.

She has united the leadership of Parliament and has cordially worked with the Office of the Leader of Opposition. It is only in AAA’s reign that the Leader of Opposition can represent the Speaker’s Office in a public function.

It is therefore clear that AAA’s blossoming career is a threat to the mafia and is now determined to bump her off, analysts opine. (DO YOU HAVE A HOT STORY (CHEATERS, DIVORCE, VIDEOS, CORRUPTION, LAND WRANGLES, EXPOSES …ETAL) YOU WOULD LIKE US TO PUBLISH? CALL/TEXT/WHATSAPP 0777959024 OR EMAIL redpeppertips@gmail.com)

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