Paddy Dee Joins Grajoh Talent Management

Paddy Dee

By the look of things, Grajoh Talent Management is still committed to their main objective of managing and promoting talent in Africa with their latest addition being UK based Ugandan artist Paddy Dee Nangabo.

Paddy Dee
Paddy Dee

According to our UK based eagle eyed snoops, an agreement was reached a few days ago.

“They reached an agreement a few days ago and now Grajoh Talent Management will be recording and producing their music from Nangabo Productions,” intimated the snoop.

Paddy Dee Nangabo owns Nangabo Productions that deals in audio production, entertainment business and designs.

Paddy Dee traveled to the UK in 1996 and pursued a sound engineering course at Lushian College before turning into a top UK Disk Spinner and MC in 1999.

He has played for top clubs like Volts, Governor, Blu Shishes, and Ministry of sounds among others before starting up Nangabo production studio.

Eddy Kenzo
Eddy Kenzo

In 2010, Paddy released a hot collaboration with Eddie Kenzo called Sumulula.

Kenzo is now internationally known for his popular videos; Sitya Loss and Jambole.

Ba haters is his solo track he recorded at DV Records with David Ellis who is the producer behind Abakyala Bazira, Bread and Butter, Nyambura and Mr. Right songs

The artist is a force to reckon with in Europe especially after traveling to Sweden, Norway, Canada and Denmark. He performed with Chameleone on his last visit to London Tubonge tour before having a few gigs in Rwanda, Masaka and Arua together with Kenzo and the Goodlyfe.

Paddy Dee can do all genres of music especially R&B, Ragga, Reggae and a gospel track coming soon but he says promoting his music in Uganda is the main challenge he’s facing apparently.

He believes Mujungu will help him conquer this and take his music career to another level

Paddy Dee is slated to perform at Grajoh’s Inaugural Afrikafest UK series at the Iqbal Bangueting Hall Birmingham on October 11 and in London at the Royal Regency


This event is lists songstress Juliana Kanyomozi as the headline act with an interview live on BBC Africa TV and radio but she is not certain of her performance since she lost her only son Keron.

The event also lists burgeoning artist Tupee Goggaflow from Acholi land in Uganda.

Tupee will be making his international debut.

Mujungu and Wife
Mujungu and Wife

Tupee’s breakthrough songs such as Lacoo ma Lagingi, Mama and Am in love have taken the national and international stages with storm.

Grajoh Talent Management which is owned by Johnson Mujungu currently manages Comedian Anne Kansiime, singer Eddy Kenzo, performer Tupee and Comedian Patrick Salvador.

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