Pastor Who Outlawed Underwear For Women Goes Into Hiding

Pastor Michael Mulama

Pastor Michael Mulama
Pastor Michael Mulama

The pastor of a church in Dandora estate alleged to have outlawed women from wearing innerwear and bras during prayer service is on the run after an irate mob stormed and demolished his church.

Reverend Michael Mulama, the senior pastor at Jesus Jubilation Centre in Dandora Phase 2, was reported on social media to have termed underpants ‘ungodly’ and banned female members of his church from attending Sunday services in panties and bras.

When the The Nairobian caught up with Pastor Mulama in his hiding place, he blamed members of a different community for spreading a lie, saying he was afraid and on the run because people he trusted with his life had conspired with his enemies to finish him.

“Since I started preaching, some people from a certain community have been unhappy with me because I am not one of their own. That’s how they conspired and bribed some women to spread the news that I told them to be attending the services without panties,” he said.

“I am an educated man. I’ve even preached abroad. Check my messages online; I am not insane to do such things,” he added.

When word of the ‘nude prayer worship’ spread, Mulama claims he tried to report the matter in the chief’s office but was attacked by goons who tied and took him to the dump site (Dandora) where they robbed him phone and Sh80,000 he had in his wallet.

He blames the local administration and his rivals for conspiring to tarnish his name, besides colluding with others to grab the land where his Church stood.

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