Police Investigates Mysterious Death Of Kyegegwa Attackers

Police's Deputy Spokesperson, Polly Namaye


Police's Deputy Spokesperson, Polly Namaye
Police’s Deputy Spokesperson, Polly Namaye

The Uganda Police Force is investigating circumstances that have resulted into the death of three suspects believed to have carried out an attack on the Mungumwema church in Karokarungi, Magoma parish, Hapuyo Sub County in kyegegwa district in the west of the country last week.

The three have been identified as Hakuzimana Abdu Salim a.k.a Jimmy 28years, who was the Imam of the local mosque, Hassan Mubarak Awera a.k.a Sazimaana Silvester 29 years and Niyosenga Ibrahim Tulole 23years.

The three were part of the 18 suspects arrested following the attack on the Beata Mukashaka 20 years and AIP Mwine Grace were killed.

Following the attack, the suspects fled to different places to hide. The deceased were on Saturday arrested by a mob as they sneaked to a sugar cane plantation from their hideout in the forest.

The mob descended on them and beat them but the police quickly rescued them and took them to Kyegegwa Health centre IV for medical attention as their condition was worrying.

On 8th July 2014, the three succumbed to death and the area police have liaised with a medical team to carry out postmortem which will ascertain the cause of their death.

According to a statement issued on Friday by the the police’s deputy spokesperson, Polly Namaye, Police investigations into the matter have already commenced.

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  1. Post motem for what? The cause is the mob beatings. You have already reported that.

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