RAW HUMOUR! Hyena takes advantage of a heavy rainstorm to nail Landlord’s cousin

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From my previous sexca-pades, I don’t remember telling you about the one in which I took advantage of a heavy storm and swung my Landlord’s cousin sister. So here is the tale. On the historic Saturday of 2020, a dark and heavy cloud lingered over Kabalagala for hours. I don’t know how the situation was in town. Subsequently, at around 4:00pm, a minor drizzle started.

Luckily enough, I was already at my home chilling and sipping coffee but with no plan or even hope of swinging any Kandahar. Checking through the window, I realized that dusk was drawing closer with the dark sky camouflaging the time.

Kabalagala seemed as if it was on the verge of witnessing a Tsunami—a flash of lightning threw eerie shadows on the walls and heavens opened up with a surge of heavy rains. As usual, electricity dashed back to jinja.


I reached for my rechargeable torch and lit my room. That is when I heard a loud knock at the back door. I slightly drew the curtain aside to see who it was, only to find Agnes, my landlord’s cousin standing still. I hurriedly rushed and opened.

“Aggie, where are you coming from at this time?” I asked her. She replied that her cousin (the landlord) wasn’t around so she wanted to take refuge in my house for the mean time. I told her it was okay. “You can even be here for a whole week,” I snapped in. “Kyooookaaa” “Hyena, you are never cease to amuse me,” she added.

You know Agnes is the kind of hard woman who resisted whenever I confessed my undying love for her and begged to taste what he mama gave her. I took another step and splashed dime on her as if I was a tycoon of Ezra’s caliber. One time, I lost patience and thought of raping her but because I wanted to keep my dignity, I declined.

Deep inside me, by hook or crook, swore there is no way she would survive my rod! I welcomed her with a mosquito no-pass hug. Guys, I really don’t know where Agnes was coming from at that time because she had that kind of onion smell that usually turns me on. My rod couldn’t desist saluting. I crossed my legs so as to restore my sanity.

We then began banging KB during which I didn’t talk of anything in line of shafting. Aggie looked bothered but I forged my own way of engaging her and capturing her attention. Then I served her a cup of coffee with three round doughnuts which she took in less than four minutes. This babe’s speed scared me. “Ehhhhh……Aggies, that fast!”

I exclaimed. Instead of feeling ashamed, she just told me to add her more. I acted immediately and served her another cup of coffee with four doughnuts. During this round, the situation outside worsened. Heavy rains with heavy winds never left any hope of Tsunami survival. She complained of coldness and I didn’t take long to be the gentleman of her life. That was what I exactly had been praying for. I placed my palm on her thighs and begun smooching them for warmth.

She didn’t resist my move in anyway an indication that she was okay with whatever was being answered at a favorable rate. I extended my hand to the apex of her thighs. In the course of the passionate touches, she rolled her eyes like a doll, an indication that her shafting system was wild.

I planted a kiss on her luscious lips as I continued warming her. Agnes became a little restless, glancing at me and looking away. Her eyes had turned crimson. Time check 6:00pm, Kabalagala was in darkness. I made use of the opportunity to tell her to move to my bed and cover herself for more warmth. I followed suit.

Fearing that she would deny me the favorite dish, I didn’t waste time pleading to devour her southern border. I just sheathed my rod headed for the battlefield. Both of us flexed for the beddings as she pushed me to enter her northern region. For the first five minutes, I worked on her and there was silence.

At this point, I realized I wasn’t doing anything hence turning her for doggie. I seemed to have brought life back as she started moaning gently. Her breath sped up and she almost leapt. After getting enough, I turned her over for another style. Her upper body rocked in motion to my strokes. “Ohhh…..ayyyiiiii….sshhhhhhh…..Ohhhh Hyena…..daddy!” she went on.

I gradually pushed forward, exploiting every sensation that this delicious woman had refused to offer me before. I then accelerated my pace with an intention of beating all the play-hard-to-get tactics she had kept in my face all time long. Since the rains were deafeningly loud, I couldn’t hear her moan. All I witnessed was she bit her lips and trembled before she eventually finished. When the rain reduced, I told her to leave my house under fear that the landlord would find out and evict me.

Until then, I remain Yours Truly, The Mighty Hyena.


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