Red Pepper’s Alluring ‘Hyena’ Goes Digital

The Might Mr Hyena

By Brian Musaasizi

Following 15 years of Mr. Hyena escapades whose details have featured in the Print version of The Red Pepper, this is to inform our esteemed readership that starting today, March 02, 2020, your prolific writer has gone digital!

“The intention is to respond to and serve the overwhelming demand for Mr. Hyena by our readership in overseas countries,” announced Mr. Arinaitwe RUGYENDO, the new Director for Red Pepper Digital, Research, and Development at The Pepper Publications Limited.

RUGYENDO says holders of smartphones, desktops, laptops and iPads here in Uganda and abroad, will be receiving more personalized updates and alerts of Mr. Hyena escapades from the comfort of their offices, homes, in-flight, just everywhere.

He added that owing to the new Digital trends that are seeing more traditional media digitize their operations, a newly established Red Pepper Digital, Research and Development department at The Pepper Publications, will see Mr. Hyena and other new innovations move digital.

“There’s more to come. Stay tuned,Mr. RUGYENDO announced this morning!

Mr. Ben Banda, a Zambian who worked in Uganda sometime back welcomed the idea with monumental excitement.

“I am very very excited. I have missed Hyena for nearly 10 years when I last stepped in Uganda,” he said.

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