ROAD TO 2026! New twist in Gen.Muhoozi presidential bid

MK army wish to see the amiable General on the 2026 presidential ballot box

MK army wish to see the amiable General on the 2026 presidential ballot box


The clock is ticking and Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s army is aware of this. Those this publication interviewed for this story wish to see the amiable General on the 2026 presidential ballot box. But they are now finding themselves between a rock and a hard place. Why? Other factors constant, they may now have to wait for the white smoke from the powers that be if signals being currently sent by ruling National Resistance Movement party top brass are to go by. Or a father and son may appear on the same ballot box akin to what former PM Amama Mbabazi did when he in 2016 ‘jumped the queue’ and stood against his boss, Gen. Museveni.

Recently, several NRM officials and structures have been openly coming up to endorse Gen. Museveni as the party’s sole candidate in 2026. Gen. Museveni hasn’t indicated whether he will seek re-election in 2026. Whereas Gen. Muhoozi has personally (through social media handles) hinted on wishing to be a president of this country, but he hasn’t indicated when exactly. Now, according to NRM Electoral Commission Chairperson, Dr. Tanga Odoi, Gen. Museveni will be their candidate in 2026, no matter what. In a recent no holds barred address, Odoi made it clear that what Gen.Muhoozi and his army can do for now is to help attract the youth to the NRM party, but not to think about standing for president in 2026.

“The young boys who are running are helping us [NRM party] to get the youth back to the party. They are helping us to win the youth back to the party. We are very comfortable with Gen. Muhoozi [Kainerugaba] bringing the youth back to the party. But for 2026, it is Y.K Museveni,” Odoi said on Saturday, 5th November, 2022 while addressing residents of Kibona, Kyabugimbi-Igara (Bushenyi district). He had been invited at a thanksgiving mass and celebration of Mrs. Evangilista Bagyenzire’s 80th birthday.


L to R; Alex Atuhaire, Rugyendo, Tanga Odoi ,Winnie Bagyenzire,Eswatini Envoy to Uganda HE Quilino Bamwine and Kenneth Bagyenzire



Odoi and senior Journalist and Sheema South Mp hopeful Johnson Byarabaha flash NRM’s signature thumbs up sign

She is a mother to senior journalist Alex Atuhaire, Makerere’s Dr Adolf Mbaine, Kenneth Bagyenzire, and Winnie Bagyenzire among others. Other guests at the function were National Water and Sewerage Corporation MD Dr. Silver Mugisha who also represented his Wife Annet who is the area district woman Mp, senior journalist Arinaitwe Rugyendo, senior Journalist and Sheema South Mp hopeful Johnson Byarabaha, Dr. William Tayebwa and Eswatini envoy to Uganda HE Quilino Bamwine. The main celebrant of the Mass was Fr.Dr Severinus Ndugwa, Vicar General, Mbarara ArchDiocese.

Mrs Bagyenzire giving a gift to Fr Dr Severinus Ndugwa, Vicar General, Mbarara ArchDiocese
NWSC MD Dr Silver Mugisha (in a mask) with eminent guests

However, it goes without mention that NRM presidential flag-bearers are picked by members of CEC [Central Executive Committee] and ratified by the National Delegates’ Conference.


“You do not measure the depth of a river with both feet,” goes an African proverb. Now political observers who have been keenly watching how political events may play out beyond 2026 and as well in the post Gen.Museveni era, have weighed in on why Gen. Muhoozi may not stand in 2026.

Pundits opine that his handlers are simply initiating him in the political arena. But to achieve what? The first school of thought is that his handlers are conducting a dry run to ascertain whether he can pull crowds especially the youth, draw public debate and opinion. And the results have been 100 percent correct judging by the reactions from social media and Mainstream media (print, TV and radio).

According to sources, Gen.Muhoozi will be a president of Uganda in the future, but not in 2026. Instead the NRM strategists reportedly want to use the MK movement to campaign for 2026. They are aware of a challenge Bobi Wine put up in 2021 capitalising especially on the youth. The MK movement is here to counter that in 2026 and these are rehearsals, according to analysts. Therefore, the current events confirmed to the NRM strategists that they can use the MK movement in 2026 to successfully run the election campaign with incumbent Gen.Museveni as the presidential candidate.


Pundits further opine that once MK movement successfully helps NRM win 2026 polls, they will be sure of winning polls with their own—Gen. Muhoozi. This time, according to observers, the MK team will advise the principal to go full blast in politics. Here they will use this period (whatever the time frame they have set) to mobilise and build their own structures starting from the grass root level. A good start is that several NRM supporters are willing to associate with MK team implying that their focus will be fishing from the opposition. The MK team will use this period (after 2026 polls) to understudy the murky world of politics. They will try to link up with people that matter in the donor community, politics, suppliers, strategic hemisphere and other allies. These will help Gen.Muhoozi and team to understand the nitty-gritty of statecraft. Whereas it is easy to inherit his father’s enemies, it will be an uphill task to inherit his friends.

The MK team, according to observers, will also use this period to remove detractors, neutralize threats and build a new alliance from the Business community, other friendly political parties and as well in the NRM. There is even talk of forming a political party. Once he does this, observers say, he won’t appear like a Musevenilite (a smaller version of Gen.Museveni). The plan is to make sure that by the time Gen.Muhoozi takes power, he will not be seen as a Musevenilite but instead he will be seen as a great leader who can steer the country forward even better than his father. Whereas there are those who are still skeptical and naysayers (and it was expected after all), the BD bash and subsequent gatherings generated a sizable number which is welcoming. It was indeed a good foundation.

For MK team strategists, the Birthday bash was a testimony that Gen. Muhoozi, 48, has support of the army, has a national character appeal, he is recognizable, easy to sell, lovable, scandal free, energetic, able to build a winning coalition, sensitive to tribal and religious politics and among others—which all qualify him for any political office of his choice including the Presidency. This explains why he never injected any coin in the BD bash. Instead supporters from everywhere were willing to organise on his behalf, including those in the NRM. The plan is to make inroads in all voting groups, especially the cynical urban millennial who don’t vote yet they are vocal, exposed and demanding. Once captured, these can help influence other sections of the population. Other strategies include a well-equipped social media army, winning over the elite, middle class and urban group. The plan is to capture and energise them to vote and as well extend the MK gospel to others.

The grand plan is to make sure MK can do better than M7 when the right time comes to be the president of Uganda. Truth to be told, observers say after Gen. Museveni, the possible successor is unpredictable because there are few apparently. This means surprise names will emerge from these groups— NRA historicals, the army, First family (Gen.Muhoozi), opposition (but allied to NRM) or from a splinter group within the NRM. (DO YOU HAVE A HOT STORY (CHEATERS, DIVORCE, VIDEOS, CORRUPTION, LAND WRANGLES, EXPOSES …ETAL) YOU WOULD LIKE US TO PUBLISH? CALL/TEXT/WHATSAPP 0777959024 OR EMAIL:

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