Satellite Technology Showcased At eLearning Africa Kampala Conference


SES (NYSE Paris:SESG) (SESG.PA) has announced the introduction of its latest satellite broadband technologies at the international eLearning Africa conference this week in Kampala.
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The SES affiliate SES Broadband Services, the Eichstätt-lngolstadt University in Germany and the Permanent Centre for Education of Uganda have partnered for an exclusive demonstration of a live streamed e-learning session and a new satellite Wi-Fi hot spot service.

The demonstrations sees Eichstätt-lngolstadt University in Munich connected live to Kampala via satellite to show the features of the virtual classroom through a satellite connection between teachers and pupils. SES Broadband Services will also launch its new Wi-Fi hot spot service.
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“We are continuing to strengthen strategic partnerships with educational content and solution providers such as Teachers Media International (TMI) to offer unparalleled reach in African rural areas.

The SES Broadband Services’ solution allows connectivity services at affordable prices, fast deployment and full coverage of large and dispersed areas,” said Patrick Biewer, Managing Director of SES Broadband Services. ”Other advantages are a low power consumption through solar powered equipment, and the ability to integrate creative learning and web-based tools.”
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“The new Wi-Fi hot spot service could truly change the lives of African people who live in more rural areas allowing more flexible pricing models and service capabilities,” continues Biewer. “We are committed to helping economic and sustainable growth in developing regions by innovating constantly to bridge the digital divide.”

The eLearning Africa conference started on 28 and ends today 30 May at Speke Resort Muyonyo.


The eLearning Africa Report 2014, launched on Wednesday by the His Excellency Edward Ssekandi, Vice President of the Republic of Uganda, is claiming that Africans working in education are overwhelmingly optimistic about the future.
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The report follows the publication of the World Bank’s estimate that economic growth across Africa will rise to 5.2 per cent this year, shows that 74 per cent of professionals and investors in the key sectors of ICT and education are optimistic about future prospects.

The 9th edition of the largest gathering of eLearning professionals on the continent gathered over 1,500 participants and 300 speakers from across Africa and the world. Since Wednesday, they have been exploring the latest innovations and ideas that are, in the words of this year’s theme, “opening frontiers to the future”.
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A spotlight has shone on the rising stars of Ugandan technology and education scene this year, a key focus has also be on those in the nation who don’t yet have the access and education allowing them to reach their potential.

It is clear to Africa and the world that Uganda needs to generate more employment for its young people, 78% of whom are under the age of 30. In theory it is a desirable situation: a large youth population that is buzzing with energy and new ideas – but in reality this places huge pressure on Ugandan young people to fend for themselves with limited resources.

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