SAVE US! Transport firms MARKH, Q3 Holdings drivers threaten to strike over pay

It is undeniably that Markh Investments Co Ltd, Uganda is one of the leading transport service providers in this country. Just mention whatever you want to transport or distribute—electricity poles, beverages, agricultural products, construction materials, General merchandise and others—they will be at your service. You cannot drive for more than 30kms along all major routes upcountry or within Kampala metropolitan and you don’t encounter one of their transport vehicles. It also extends transport services to neighboring East African countries.

It is headquartered in Ntinda, along church road. Under the leadership of Maria Namusoke, as the CEO, the firm has really done her best to establish itself as the main provider to the service-transport industry. It boasts of a fleet of about 200 vehicles.

However, all these achievements may be a talk of the past if current whispers from the company are anything to go by.Insiders have intimated to us that recently there has been an alarming high turnover of staff, especially drivers.

Those who have endured and stayed are reportedly planning a strike anytime from now. This is something that bosses at Markh need to address as soon as possible since it may affect operations. It will also likely pit the company against her clients as far as contractual obligations are concerned on each side.

The major complaint is that the drivers on top of earning little salary (between Shs300000-800000), most of the times see their salaries and commissions docked here and then without justifiable reasons. Poor working conditions is also another salient factor.

Whenever they complain, bosses tell them that the deducted salaries are to cover for losses incurred by drivers while transporting clients’ goods. But to their surprise even those that are technical—tyre bursts, some vehicle repairs, accidents—some drivers end up not being paid as if the vehicles are not insured.

“The company bosses are making us work under miserable conditions. We barely survive here,” the drivers said.

“Imagine working for Shs500000 and at the end of the month you receive Shs 150000-200000 and yet we have families to look after. When you complain they start telling  losses that you don’t even know about…,” one of the drivers added.

They feel that they are silently mistreated. They say their work involves numerous risks including highway robbers and accidents which ought to be factored in while subjecting them to all kinds of mistreatment.

The complaining drivers further intimated to us that soon they will even write a petition and storm an office of one of the top female politicians in Busoga region (names withheld) who is said to be Markh’s real boss.


The same problems are also reportedly common at Bweyogerere-Butto based Q3 Holdings limited. However on top of little and delayed pay, drivers always complain about the mechanical state of the vehicles they use. They constantly break down in transit. Poor or little pay has also been cited at Namanve based Dott Services. (DO YOU HAVE A HOT STORY (CHEATERS, DIVORCE, VIDEOS, CORRUPTION, LAND WRANGLES, EXPOSES …ETAL) YOU WOULD LIKE US TO PUBLISH? CALL/TEXT/WHATSAPP 0777959024 OR EMAIL


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