Short Men Have More Sex: Study

Short men get more action in bed than their tall counterparts, according to a study.


It is known that women find men with good physique, darker skin tone and good looks sexually appealing.

But, a recent study found men who stand 5 feet 9 inches or lesser frequently indulge in sexual activity than men who are taller.

The researchers looked at 531 men aged between 20 and 54 and measured their body weight, waist circumference, height and coital frequency, reports the IANS Live.

They found men who were below 5 feet 9 inches had sex for more than 3.5 times in a week.

In addition, the study noted participants with abdominal obesity and flabby waist reportedly had lower sexual activity than those with normal body structure.

The authors believe this may be due to a number of health reasons associated to obesity and sexual health.

“When comparing men’s sexual activity levels based on characteristics such as age, height, weight and health, the younger, fitter men tended to get more play.

Coital frequency was higher among men with a height of less than 5 ft 9 in. Obesity and metabolic diseases can cause all types of sexual function to deteriorate in older age, whereas their effects may not yet be prominent at younger ages below 45 years,” write the authors in the study, reports the IANS Live.

Past clinical study by the University of Hawaii’s John A. Burns School of Medicine data holds shorter men are blessed with longevity due to the presence of specific gene ‘FOXO3’.

Men who are 5 feet 2 inches or shorter have less insulin content in their blood and low risk of dying from diseases like cancer.

The current research findings urge people to implement healthy lifestyle habits, increase physical activity and limit the consumption of fatty food, tobacco and alcohol to keep obesity and diseases at bay.

This in turn boosts sexual health and fertility in men irrespective of the height and age.


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