Shs1Trilllion M7 Cash For Luweero Veterans

President Museveni with NRM candidate Rebecca Nalwanga at .

President Museveni who fought a five-year guerilla war in Luwero District has revealed have more than Shs500 billion has been paid to the veterans and more than Shs1 trillion is still needed.

President Museveni with NRM candidate Rebecca Nalwanga at Kasana on Monday.
President Museveni with NRM candidate Rebecca Nalwanga at Kasana on Monday.

While soliciting support for the NRM candidate and party flag bearer, Rebecca Nalwanga, for the Women Parliamentary seat, Mr Museveni remarked that he is best person to speak about the veterans because he knows a lot about them.

“If you inherit problems from your father, you must solve them; NRM inherited problems from Amin and UPC regime so its going ahead on facilitating their welfare,” Mr Museveni said on Monday at Kasana grounds in Luwero.

Nalwanga who is tussling out with DP’s Brenda Nabukenya, a former guild president of Kyambogo University. Also in the race are independents Ramla Kadala and Faridah Namubiru.

President Museveni is expected to address gatherings in Bamunanika County while the by-election campaigns are slated to end today.
Luweero District chairman Abdul Nadduli asked the President to help the district construct new headquarters and a hospital.

Mr Museveni tasked State House aide Lucy Nakyobe to remind him about constructing Luweero headquarters and promised the district a hospital at Kasana.

Luweero lost its hospital which was in Nakaseke when the area became a district.

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  1. M7 campaigning for a candidate but am wondering whether this is pay back time or may be her father assisted M7 during the war while he was in Luwero.

  2. “Shs1Trilllion M7 Cash For Luweero Veterans”

    The mother of all wolokoso!

    Museveni was not campaigning for Nalwanga, he doesn’t lose anything if Nalwanga fails to win. He was campaigning for himself, 2 years ahead of the general elections.

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