Soldier Held for Killing Own Children

UPDF soldiers

Luweero Police are holding John Bosco Opio, a UPDF soldier attached to Bombo military barracks for allegedly strangling his children to death and secretly burying their bodies in his neighbor’s garden.

The deceased have been identified as 2-year-old Brenda Akello and her 3-year-old brother Okidi Akira. The incident comes a week after Opio separated from his wife Stella Aketch following a domestic dispute during the recently concluded festive season.

Topher Gimei, the Criminal Investigations Officer Luweero district says Opio was picked up from a tip off by some residents of Sedettula village in Nyimbwa Sub County who discovered the bodies of the minors.

It is alleged that Opio’s neighbors whose identity was not readily available became suspicious after he saw a swarm of flies on a fresh heap of soil in his garden and moved close to check what was there.

He was welcomed by a heavy stench believed to be coming from decomposing bodies.

He become more suspicious and started wondering where Opio’s children had disappeared too since their mother left following the dispute with their father.

It is alleged that during the domestic brawl with his wife Opio beat up the children saying they were a mistake from his relationship with their mother.

Opio’s neighbor reported the matter to the area authorities who in turn notified police, which exhumed the bodies. Gimei says that the suspect had earlier on reported at Bombo police station the disappearance of his children.

In his statement Opio sought police intervention saying he suspected that his children had been abducted. Gimei says the bodies of the children have been taken to Mulago National Referral Hospital for autopsy.

He says the suspect faces murder once investigations are complete.

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  1. Why transfer the anger to the innocent children? Surely,he was just a father to them but not a parent. It could serve him right if the community was given a chance to sort him out……………….May the Souls of the little Angels RIP.

  2. When the elephants fight the grass suffers….and yet the grass is always innocent..any ways not everyone is meant to be a parent..Ugandans imagine it is a must to have children and or get married….better to remain alone and childless if you dont have it with in you to nurture a family than torture innocent beings.

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