StarQT Boss Unleashes Curves

Sexy Nankya displaying her curves

Stella Nankya, the South African based Ugandan Investor and fashionista of the Star QT label seems to be very generous with her booty these days.

Sexy Nankya displaying her curves
Sexy Nankya displaying her curves

Our highly placed sources in South Africa revealed that she spent her festive season luxuriously.

The source further revealed that the sexy parabolic curves left most men pocketing.



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  1. And what is wrong with swimming when in her Ps? Long as there’s no leakage, Ps should not be a matter of taboo, and MUST not be used to embarrass or belittle women.
    Also, it might just be that the swimsuit is one size too big, or her bush was overgrown…..
    But at least we know what you focus on when you look at a swimsuit pic, WaCow.
    Remember that every human being on Earth is a missed period.

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