Stop Discriminating against Pentecostal Churches – Bishop Silas Tells Govt

Amos Tayebwa
The Bishop of King of Kings Churches Bishop Silas Tayebwa has condemned the discrimination against Pentecostal Religion/ churches by the Government and Leaders. Pentecostal churches deserve respect and are considered like other religions how they are considered by this government.
While addressing the masses in Mbarara at King of Kings main Church, Bishop Silas said that the Government of Uganda has supported and funded other religions like Catholics, Protestants, and even Moslems but they have neglected the Pentecostals as if they don’t do the same role in serving God.
He said that Government has given Lands to these other religions and that it has also given free land to some investors, therefore he asked the government to also consider Pentecostal churches and give them lands to construct some good churches and do on them some productive projects that will benefit the public. He asked the president to also write a letter to the ministry of Lands and Housing directing them to give some lands to the pentecostal Churches.
“I want to ask, the same way you did to our dear Catholics of Uganda Martyrs Mbarara when the president wrote a letter to the Ministry of Lands and Housing and said give land to Catholics of Uganda Martyrs Mbarara when they had issues with land title, the same way other investors have been given land, we also need the president to write to the same Ministry and direct them to give us this land at Kamukuzi and we operate freely,” said Bishop Silas.
King of Kings Church has been operating on  Mbarara District land at Kamukuzi while renting. King of kings has been fighting to have this land freely but in vain.
Bishop Silas passed this message through Ben Akatukwatsa,  the Vice Chairman of Team MK Project who was the Chief Guest of Honor on the Thanks Giving function of GNTV, a Christian Television based in Mbarara under King of Kings Church. Akatukwatsa was representing Michael Toyota Kaguta the Team Chairman MK project who was expected as the Chief Guest. On this day Akatukwatsa and his team raised about 12.5m as their contribution towards this thanksgiving.
According to Akatukwatsa, he pledged to take Bishop’s message to the top leaders of Government whom he can reach to take up the matter response. He said that King of Kings Church has been on the district land for more than 20 years and that since they are in possession they can apply from the government and they can officially acquire the land. He pledges that as team chairman they are going to work closely with the leadership of Kings and help them to ensure that they acquire the land title for this land.
Mayor Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi who was among the Guests said that when the disputes between the Mbarara District and the Mbarara City get to an end and the City takes ownership of Kamukuzi, they will see how they can give the Land to King of Kings.
 “We still have issues with Mbarara District about the properties at Kamukuzi which involves this land of King of Kings, we are waiting for the Government to sort us out of these issues, but to me, I pledge that once these matters are sorted and this land goes to our control as City council, I cannot fail to give you the land, me I can’t chase the people of God from Land. You can imagine we have many lands in our City that have been taken by land grabbers then how about if we rather give such land to the Church?” said Kakyebezi.
According to Bishop Silas, he said that as  Kings of Kings Church they have a plan to construct the biggest Church in Mbarara that will be accommodating about 10,000 people.

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