Teenager Kills Girlfriend Over HIV Panic

Peter Rujumba, A 19-year old on trial for killing a staff of Infectious Disease Institute (IDI) in Hoima has admitted that he murdered his girlfriend in fear that she infected him with HIV/AIDS.


Rujumba, a resident of Lusaka Upper Cell in Hoima Municipality reportedly slaughtered Barbara Akello, 25, a data officer at IDI and severed her body into pieces.

He allegedly cut off the legs and arms and threw them into a pit-latrine, while the stomach and the upper trunk were buried in separate holes he dug behind the pit-latrine.

The accused committed the crime on Jan 29, 2014 while at his grandmother’s residence in Lusaka Upper, where Akello was renting.

After the murder, he fled to Kampala but was arrested two weeks later at Pastor Kakande’s Synagogue Church, where he got saved and confessed to having killed Akello back home in Hoima. Police was notified after the confession.

Subsequently, Rujumba was arrested and transferred to Hoima where he has since been charged with murder and aggravated robbery in relation to the incident.

Although he initially pleaded not guilty to the charges, Rujumba turned around and accepted the charges before Masindi High court judge Simon Byabakama; the visibly calm teenager said he had all along been scared to admit.

He also asked for forgiveness from Akello’s relatives, his family members and the nation for the crime.

In his mitigation, defense lawyer Aaron Byaryabanza told court that his client had confided in him that he acted out of frustration after the deceased confessed having lost a former boyfriend to HIV/AIDS. It was however not immediately clear whether the accused is now certain of his HIV status.

But despite the pleas for forgiveness, Akello’s relatives maintained that no one could ever wash away the pain in their hearts. Patrick Agru, the deceased’s paternal uncle, who led the four relatives from Soroti asked court to instead give the accused an appropriate sentence.

Meanwhile prosecution has summed up the case and the presiding judge has fixed August 7 as date for judgment.

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2 thoughts on “Teenager Kills Girlfriend Over HIV Panic

  1. has he found out that he has HIV?? such a person is dangerous to the public, he should be isolated. if he knows he is positive he can intentionaly infect others by any means. he needs counselling as well

  2. Peter Rujumba is just playing tricks. If really he was infected by the diseased what he would have done was to go for the screening before he acted in that manner. How on earth do you act in such a manner? How do you beggin cutting off some parts of a human being in peaces and throwing them in different places? This guy is a habitual killer who needs to be isolated from people. He may do the same to someone else and he continues telling the same story. Now if he talks of being infected how do we prove that the late was HIV positive? Some of us knew the late and the sort of life she led and the way she was brought up and then some person from nowhere comes uttering foolish statements. Why did he ran to Kakandes’ Church instead of reporting to police and may be the tests would have been done to prove who is wrong! Please Mr. judge it is now up to you to decide all this lies he is telling you infront of everyone present. May the soul of Akello Barbara rest in peace. RIP.

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