The Aine Paradox: Who is telling the truth?

Mr Christopher Aine engages in a scuffle with the police in Jinja

The disappearance of Independent presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi’s head of security Christopher Aine caused a public furor last week after publication of a photo in Red Pepper (Print Edition) purported to be Aine’s dead body.

Mr Christopher Aine engages in a scuffle with the police in Jinja
Mr Christopher Aine engages in a scuffle with the police in Jinja

Though Aine was last seen in public on 17th December, 2015, his disappearance came to limelight on 31st December when inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura said police had put a 20 million bounty on anyone who could give the it information leading to his whereabouts.

Actually, on the day he disappeared, Go Forward camp started a twitter hash tag.

Go Forward spokesperson Josephine who started the hash tag tweeted; “Christopher Aine kidnapped by Uganda Police Force Flying Squad. #Gestapo #FreeAine.” About ten hours later, the hash tag waned. And silence followed.

Police has on many occasions denied being behind Aine’s disappearance while the Go Forward camp says that police did arrest him.

But as this unexplained disappearance continue to dominate political discussion: who is telling us the truth? Who is lying? None of the two camps has adduced concrete evidence to pin the other. The public is being fed on mere contentions.

An attempt to answer any of the above questions can only start by analyzing who of the two; police and Go Forward needed Aine most.

Police wanted him to be interrogated in relation to Ntungamo clashes between Amama Mbabazi and president Museveni supporters.

The Go Forward needed him to keep on providing security to their candidate.

Three days after Aine’s disappearance, president Museveni made the infamous Leopard statement when he said; “If you go and put your finger in the anus of a leopard. You are in trouble, you are in trouble.” The statement can vindicate that government needed Aine inside police coolers.

Museveni’s remarks were followed by subsequent raid on Mbabazi home and Go Forward offices where a number of supporters and office staff were arrested.

Of course, the arrest would be followed by torture. Why? “Those people (Aine’s and his folks who whipped NRM supporters) made a big mistake, those individuals and those children are going to regret,” Museveni said when he made the Leopard remarks.

Probably, the Go Forward camp did not have a reason to hide Aine.

They wanted him to be in command of their candidate’s security.

But what could tempt to hide him? Maybe, the camp knew the torture that awaits such a person wanted by police.

What if Aine was arrested by police as Go Forward camps has been saying.

Of course, he would be tortured but with no intentions to kill.

Museveni does not kill his enemies but converts them into his supporters using his financial muscles.

But why would police swing into action to arrest the Red Pepper chief editor, Kamunye managing editor and Charles Rwomushana over the photo that went viral on Thursday last week?

Security agencies are the principle suspect in the case.

When Rwomushana posted the photo on Facebook, social media busted into hue and cry accusing government of murdering Aine! Police had to nothing else to do but come out to save its image.

What if Aine is dead? That’s a question I can’t answer.

Back to the main question; who is telling the truth? Who is deceiving the public? Don’t listen to anyone.

Don’t accept what the police have been saying.

Don’t believe what Go Forward camp statements but the principal suspect remains the police.


Arguments made in good faith without intention to irritate anyone.

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