Tickietah Tick-tacks Winnie Nwagi’s booty

Gagamel manager and Bebe Cool’s right hand man Joseph Luwagga famously known as Tickietah seems to be among the men idolizing Singer Winnie Nwagi’s booty.

Winnie with Tickietah

Well towards the weekend, the public and fans of Winnie were left in utter shock when she posted photos of herself getting touchy with Tickietah.

The eyebrow-raising photos have become the talk of town with various snoops speculating that the two could be enjoying tubeless bonking sessions already.

However, our in house photo analysts have found something fishy about these photos, in which Tickietah is seen burying his hands in Winnie’s ribs while reaching out for the booty.

“One of the coolest guys i know who always puts a smile on my face even when am down,” Winnie captioned the pictures.

It’s not clear yet whether the two are an item, or they’re just using each other for public attention.

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