Two Ugandans killed In DR Congo

Two Uganda nationals are among the 16 people killed by unknown gunmen at a pub in A’ru town in the Democratic Republic of Congo on February 1, 2015 at midnight.
The deceased identified as Aminah Mugabirwe Night 28, the proprietor of Bandale Digitale Night Club was shot on the head and died shortly when she was rushed to Ania Church hospital in A’ru town.

The other Ugandan who died in the gun attack was only identified as Ibra who was among those who died on spot in the random shooting.

Night Amina 28, mother of six children and resident of Tanganyika ward in River Oli Division Arua municipality was shot at her business premises in Aru town where she operates a night club.

The due were shot in a place called Zitali in Aru town Democratic Republic of Congo where Amina operates her business.

News of Amina’s demise reached her uncle Sabir Nasur at 3pm on Sunday who later informed the Uganda security among which included the Resident District Commissioner Peter Dibele, DPC Arua Jonathan Musinguzu and the Regional Internal Security Officer a team that went to Arua town to collect the bodies of the deceased.

Others killed included an Indian working with UN peace keeping team only identified as Gagani two Congolese police officers and one soldier at the rank of Captain.

According to eye witnesses at the scene of the shootout, the gunmen 15 in number launched the attack at 12:00 am after seizing off two storage building where Amina runs her business.

Diannah Bampata an eye witness and a waitress at the night club who survived the attack explains that, the Gun men made their way in to the second floor and launched the shootout while other groups staged an offensive on the ground floor.

She added that when the shooting started, the business woman together with some VIPs were at the verge of cutting a  cake for Aminah’s 28th birth day and as many people who were clubbing upstairs rushed for safety down stairs, they were shot at randomly.

Speaking to the Ugandan Delegation that went to the scene of the shootout, Henry Venant Nkosi Palamu, the Territorial Administrator of A’ru says according to intelligence information obtained, the attack was led by one Asiimwe a Hema by tribe and rebellion faction group based in the Ituri province.

He adds that Asiimwe, a re-known gang leader has been known for causing attacks and killing people in the Ituri province.

“He came here like a visitor and positioned himself with the group at the night club and before he ordered shooting, he first quarreled with one of the bar attendants, who them inform police but on reaching the scene, they started shooting,” said Palamu the territorial administrator.

Pamalu says the gun men after accomplishing their mission fled towards the Ugandan border, after seeking for direction from some locals near river A’ru two kilometers to Vurra customs border point.

Peter Debele the RDC Arua who led the Ugandan delegation to the scene, while presenting the position of the Uganda team described the killings as unacceptable and extrajudicial.

“We cannot be happy in Arua when there is mourning here! And we don’t believe in where someone gets a gun and kills,” said the Debele.

Debele promised to cooperate with the DRC authorities and ensure that the suspects are followed and brought to book if it’s true they escaped towards the Ugandan border at Vurra.

Sabir Nasur the uncle to Amina says she has been in DR-Congo for the last three years and sustains her family with the money got from the business.

“I feel bad about the death of Amina just because in DR-Congo, Ugandan nationals fear to express themselves due to the harsh policies and attitude of the people there, but in Uganda Congolese feel more comfortable. Uganda government needs to improve her relationship with Congo government over security and freedom of business” Nasur appealed.

Meanwhile some protesters in A’ru town went ahead burning car tyres on the main roads, condemning the failure by security to respond to the shooting.

The body of Aminah was handed over to the Ugandan authorities and taken for postmortem in Arua regional referral hospital on Sunday evening.

After postmortem, the body was release to the relatives for burial arrangements in her home in Tanganyika ward Oli Division.

While eight Ugandan women who were working with Amina in the night club were also brought to Uganda.

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