Tycoon Rents Muyenga House For Cindy


Fresh Details have emerged that after city diva Cindy broke up with Italian Born fiancé Mario Brunetee was over, snoops have reliably learnt that the South African business man identified as Kenny is renting her a house in Muyenga.


The Selector singer has previously been staying in an apartment located in lower Naguru with Mario and their daughter.

Cindy on Wednesday revealed to Red Pepper that she left Mario’s house like three weeks ago and he is not turning back.

Snoops reveal that Mario and Cindy split when Cindy went to south Africa to meet her new lover Kenny.

It is believed that Kenny  has been financing most of Cindy’s recent music projects that  saw her release songs like Dilema, Selector and many more.

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4 thoughts on “Tycoon Rents Muyenga House For Cindy

  1. ug girls are smart when it comes to kula ammanyo, ask the Briton when it comes to bad black who became a national hero after????????????

  2. Cindy, is that a chair or a single bed?? Well apparently looks like you have jumped on the band wagon – Ugandan women never last long in such marriages!!

  3. Judging from the picture, one can only wonder why the need for a whole house/apartment, when a well appointed hotel room will do! I suppose some people don’t know the value of money these days.

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