UHRC Roots for Increased Government Funding to Mental Hospital

Mentally sick child holds Human rights man

Butabika Mental Hospital is grappling with high number of patients, which over stretches the limited number of staff and resources allocated to the facility.

Mentally sick child  holds Human rights man
Mentally sick child holds Human rights man

Butabika Mental Hospital has a bed capacity of 550 patients. However, Dr Juliet Naku, the Acting Executive Director Butabika Mental Hospital said that on most occasions they have more than 800 patients admitted at the facility.

As a result, Dr Naku said that they cannot effectively handle all patients due to staff shortage.

Dr Naku also added that they are faced with a challenge of drug stock outs due to the high numbers of patients. She however said that they resort to alternative psychiatric medicines to cover up the shortages.

Dr Naku disclosed this while meeting officials from the Uganda Human Rights Commission who had visited the facility on Monday.

The commissioners questioned why some patients normally run out of the mental facility to which Dr Naku explained that most of them want to return to their families or work places.

She said the hospital does everything possible to restrain those including involving police.

The commissioners appreciated the conditions, under which the patients were being kept, and called on government to increase funding to the facility.

The visit to Butabika Hospital is one of the activities set out by the Uganda Human Rights commission ahead of today’s celebrations of the International Human Rights Day under the theme, ‘Human Rights: the long Walk.’

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