UPDF help mother of four after losing home to mudslides

Soldiers attached to the UPDF 19th Battalion - led by Lt. Col Nahamya clear debris. (PHOTO: Courtesy)

Lt. Col. Nahamya delivers food relief to Justine Kemigisha, the abandoned mother of four

Kabale – A mother of four including a set of triplets had a cause of smile after good Samaritans led by the Uganda People’s Defence Forces came to her rescue.

Justine Kemigisha, 36, a mother of four, a resident of Butobore cell Nyakasharara Parish, Kaharo sub-county, Kabale district, lost her house to a mudslide that ravaged Nyakasharara on Friday night.

After being abandoned by her husband who left for Kampala, Kemigisha continues to struggle to raise her children for the last three years. The destruction of her house left her helpless.

Kemigisha contacted the Kabale LC5 Patrick Besigye Keihwa who promised to hopefully mobilise to help her.

She was happy that the UPDF soldiers came to her rescue and even gave her food relief to feed her children after her gardens were destroyed by floods and Landslides.

Lt.Col. Robert Nahamya. the commander UPDF’S 19th battalion – flanked by other servicemen, revealed that UPDF being an army of the people, they were mandated to help those that are in need.

Lt. Col Nahamya commander of UPDF 19th Battalion – flanked by other solders clear mudslide debris. (PHOTO: Courtesy)

“After being informed by the Kabale LC5 Patrick Besigye Keihwa of the mother of four whose husband abandoned and her house had been destroyed we had to come in and help her we the UPDF we do this in giving back to the communities we are the people’s army “. Lt.Col Nahamya said.

He says that they gave her 30 kilograms of beans, 30 kilograms of maize flour and a cartoon of salt.

Patrick Besigye Keihwa the kabale LC5 commended the good work that the UPDF is doing by helping the people that have been hit by the landslides and floods as on Sunday

Lt. Col. Nahamya also visited a family on Rubaya sub-county whose house was destroyed by the floods and Landslides as they also gave him 30 kilograms of both maize flour and beans as well a cartoon of salt and proceeded to Maziba Primary School where they cleared the debris

Keihwa is calling upon government to come to the rescue of the people as many are now sleeping in schools and churches like in butanda and rubaya sub counties over 140 houses were destroyed as well their gardens.

” Government needs to make a quick intervation and rescue the people as many houses have been destroyed as now people are sleeping in churches and schools very soon we are also to experience a problem of hunger”. Keihwa said.

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