UPDF Soldier Kills 9 In Ntoroko

UPDF soldiers in training


A Uganda People Defense Force-UPDF soldier shot dead nine people in Ntoroko district and committed suicide. 

The suspect is Private Chris Amanyire, who was attached to Rhino battalion in Karugutu Sub County. The incident occurred on Friday night at a local pub in Karugutu Sub County.

Bosco Bakashaba,the Ntoroko district police commander says Amanyire picked a quarrel with boda boda cyclists over unidentified woman on Friday morning.

Bakashaba says it all started when the cyclists found Amanyire speaking with the woman in Karugutu trading center.

He says that the cyclists attacked Amanyire, took away his mobile phone and warned him never to talk to the woman again. Bakashaba says according to eye witness accounts Amanyire warned the cyclists that he would revenge.

It’s alleged that at 9:00pm, Amanyire entered a local bar in Karugutu trading centre and found some of the cyclists who took away his phone.

A scuffle ensued between Amanyire and the cyclists, who pushed him out of the bar. Angered by the humiliation, Amanyire walked out of the bar and went to the barracks, which is 400 kilometers away, picked his gun and returned.

He opened fire killing 9 people on spot and injuring 25 others.

He turned the gun on himself at the exit of the pub. Among the dead were four UPDF soldiers, three women and two men. The injured are currently admitted at Karugutu Health Centre IV and Fort Portal Referral Hospital.

Last year, UPDF private Patrick Okot Odoch killed ten people and wounded at least two others in a pub in Bombo before fleeing.

He was arrested in Oyam district ten days later and charged with murder and attempted murder. The court martial later found him guilty of murder and sentenced him to 90 years in prison.

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5 thoughts on “UPDF Soldier Kills 9 In Ntoroko

  1. They use the guns at will,what do you expect? Very strange that one can not think of solving an issue in a better understanding manner than turning to a gun.What they did to him was not the right thing to do,however that does not justify his killing of the innocent people.Very low reasoning capacity!

    1. u seem to be a full who even doesnt know what gun is. more so ure like those bodaboda men.

      1. You are the one who is in a better position to visit there first, shame on you! You lack self esteem!!!

  2. What do you mean by “they use the guns at will ” !!!??? If I understood you, I stand to be corrected, you are insinuating that it is institutional policy that UPDF personnel are given “lee way ” to use the Gun as they wish !!! That is very wrong observation infact the UPDF has very strong and enforced policy on handling of war materials like the gun,if you follow very well you will realize that due process of investigation is normally followed and deterrent punishment on culprits or those found to have in one way not acted enough to prevent such occurrences. The US has one of the highest gun crimes committed by Army veterans or law enforcement veterans,just early this month a US soldier undergoing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) management opened fire on his colleagues with fatal results. In this case the society needs to be tolerant enough to solve issues especially involving soldiers in an “”understanding manner” in both case you will often find that the soldier was roughed up by the society he protects or “stigmatized” for being a soldier !! well some may not be able to handle the contradictions of being “quizzed” by the “two worlds” and often a few may fail to “turn the other chick” for another waank” but often waank back with often fatal consequences.

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