VERBAL WAR: Judith Heard, Sylvie Owori Fight

Sylvia Owori


Mourners at Juliana’s home in Lungujja were shocked to see  Kampala’s known city socialites attack each other verbally.

Sylvia Owori
Sylvia Owori

Our highly placed sources have revealed that a bitter exchange of words between the two started at around 4am after Owori stressed that White men are weak in bed.

Owori further stressed that this is the main reason to why Judith settled for test tube babies.

Judith Heard and her babies
Judith Heard and her babies

The statements by Owori made Heard angry and they almost traded blows. Tempers flared.

Mourners led by Karitas intervened and whisked Owori away. Judith Heard also took off.

Previously Judith Heard was accused of taking selfies at Keron’s Vigil


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4 thoughts on “VERBAL WAR: Judith Heard, Sylvie Owori Fight

  1. These two have a few things in common, among which the most significant are : Both run failed fashion lines that have never taken off from the drawing board in spite of both injecting “off the hook” amounts of money in the business venture. Both of them have failed to grow up and live up to expectation in spite of being mothers and role models………….Above all, both have a taste for loaded pensioners, the only difference being that, While Judith has a weakness for white pensioners (Dr Heard), Sylvia Owori w’d die for our local ones (seya)

  2. Maybe white men just arent particularly attracted to Owori and dont get turned on by her. Ive seen her close up – fat, short and ugly.

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