Veteran’s Son Blasts M7 After Parents Home Visit

Richard Semitego (R) shaking hands with former UK Prime Minister David Cameron

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Veteran’s Son Blasts M7 After Parents Home Visit

By Stuart Yiga

A UK-based Ugandan Richard Semitego; son to a bush war hero, Sam Kabugo has slammed President Yoweri Museveni accusing him of neglecting the family.

This was after the president visited their home in Luweero last week.


He claims that Museveni went to visit his parents yet he has neglected them for decades.

The self-exiled Semitego who is also the chairperson of a political pressure group known as ‘The Uganda Federal Front’, is a long time Museveni critique. He revealed that he and others, are determined to topple him.

After addressing a rally at Kangave-Makulubita in Luwero District, President Museveni paid a visit to the families of one of his prominent bush war veterans; Sam Kabugo and Heneriko Kigongo.

President Yoweri Museveni laying a wreath on late veteran Sam Kabugo's grave
President Yoweri Museveni laying a wreath on Sam Kabugo’s grave


During his visit, he promised to help the veterans’ families regain their house that was destroyed during the guerrilla war, a school plus the farm which belonged to the deceased.

“While still in the bush, Museveni and some top army officers  used to hide  at my parent’s home but after ruling Uganda for 30 years, now he is waking up to promise heaven on earth to my family! Where has he been all along? Well he told my family that am an enemy to his government but his statement will not deter me from agitating for his departure so that another regime that will honor the Federal system of government comes into power,” Semitego lamented.

Currently, Semitego is based in London and security sources indicate, he has been holding a series of meetings with African leaders and their agents, in a bid to attract more allies that would help him foster his ‘mission’.

“It’s true I have held several meeting with different stake holders to ensure that more people come on board. Him (M7) buying off his opponents like Betty Kamya among others doesn’t mean he can buy everyone, I for example, I can’t be bought by ‘blood money,” he said.

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