Vocalists Brian Avie ft Daddy Andre on Sex Money Remix ( Official Audio)

Vocalist Brian Avie is the latest first rising star on the music scene. The singer has released a massive hit song Sex Money Remix ( Official Audio) with singer Daddy Andre.

The song is currently enjoying heavy rotation on the music circuit. As for the song itself? Andre is one of the few Ugandan producers and singers with a defined ‘sound’ – a lot of his music is instantly recognizable with mellow tones and a seductive melody.

Sex Money Remix song seems to have found material that works for the duo – They sound amazingly free. This is one collaboration that is clearly working well, and an excellent step in the trajectory of the duo’s music career.
Andre is prolific, a competent producer and singer with a great ear and an ability to bring out the best in an artiste.

The beautiful sounds of the sex money remix song was Produced by Mesh Pan mastered and mixed by Herbert Skillz & Nigel Beats.

It should be noted that working with Daddy Andre is a significant step for the rising stars but featuring him on this song pushes things up a notch – that is A–list territory.


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