Quack architects all over Uganda- leaders cry out

By Moses Agaba

Leaders in western Uganda have decried the lack of enough professional architects that has led to escalating numbers of masqueraders in different parts of the country.

This has also led to the improper planning of urban areas and structures, especially in the cities.
Lt Col James Mwesigye the Resident City Commissioner for Mbarara City, says that they have encountered increasing numbers of illegal structures in Mbarara City which have no architectural plans.

“We are lucky that as a Board you have chosen to come to us first. I am hoping we shall be serious and not allow people to build anyhow so that we can have a nice city and a nice country” said Lt.Col. Mwesigye.
He said this on Friday while Presiding over the launch of the architect’s registration board regional office in Mbarara City that will be serving the subregions of Kigezi, Ankole, Tooro, and Bunyoro.

He also appealed to the Architects Registration Board to consider working hand in hand with the local government by having a professional architect on the Local Government committees to ensure proper planning.
Lt Col Mwesigye says that Where there is a scarcity of architects, there is a lot of temptation as s he asked the Board to squeeze the ministry to make room for architects in other regions.

“I have a plan, i don’t know who signed it. It is you, people, through your agents. But it is good now that you have come, these agents can become your employees”. Said Mwesigye.

Robert Kakyebezi, The Lord Mayor of Mbarara City appealed to the public to take the right path and use professional architects to sort out issues of disorganized cities and prevention of losses in the process of acquiring cheap plans and the construction of unplanned structures which authorities may direct for the demolition.
“I am here to learn from all of you. This is the city of Honey and Milk.

We as politicians shall give you all the support to make sure our city is number one in planning, Organising, Garbage Control, and Beauty”.said Kakyebezi.

Boony Karutsya Tashobya the Speaker of Mbarara City Council says that Mbarara is growing at a high speed as at the At pace, it is growing, if they keep away from you, we shall soon find slums as we see in Kampala, he says that there is a need that architects to be engaged that let the architectural services accessible to the ordinary people.

Jacinta Kabarungi Chairperson of the Registration and Practice ARB says that The truth of the matter is that there are rogue architects out there and there are some registered architects who have sold their souls for the money as she calls upon all stakeholders that they need to work together to know these people.

Robert Kiggundu the chairperson of the Architects Registration Board says that The public knows little about the law and accidents on construction sites, some of which have been fatal and attributed to the lack of qualified professionals he says that they are to embark on a sensitization, and awareness campaign that involves educating the public about the law.

He says that 78% of 3,333 building sites and 2606 completed buildings surveyed by ARB in Kampala did not comply with building codes.

Robert Kiggundu the chairperson of the Architects Registration Board, the local authorities should be encouraged to join the online submission of building plans to be regulated and maintain the standards by the board in order to cut down the issues of forgery.

Kiggundu further adds that in Uganda only 270 architects are registered and licensed with the architect’s registration board and almost all of them are based in Kampala a thing that has left other regions lacking professional architectural planning.

“Not to chest thump but Architecture is not an easy course. The average class of architecture at university is 10 students but the rate of completion is very low,”. Said Kiggundu.


Effective planning to set up a structure in a city is an investment that people need to focus on in order to have quality work, I request people to always consider the use of professional architects when planning to set up structures.’ – Robert Kakyebezi, City Mayor Mbarara City

The Architects Registration Board was established by an Act of Parliament (Architect Registration Act, 1996) as the independent regulator of architects and the profession of architecture in Uganda.

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