We Won’t Move An Inch; Boda Boda Motorists Tell Authorites

Boda boda motorists in Kabale town are protesting proposals by the municipality to relocate some stages.  It follows a proposal by Kabale municipal council to evict boda boda motorists operating at junctions, in front of restaurants and ungazatted areas. The move will see various stages phased in an effort by the municipality to reorganize the town.

BodaCharles Magumba, the town clerk Kabale municipality says they have already gazetted specific areas, which they intend to close. Some of the motorists affected by the new proposal are those operating at Post Office, Kabale District headquarters and Kabale shopping arcade among others. He says it is unfortunate that the decision is likely to affect the cyclists and their clients but says they cannot reverse it.

The proposal has not gone down well with the cyclists, who claim the proposal is aimed at crippling their business. Samuel Safari is the chairperson Kabale Boda Boda cyclists association. Samuel Safari is the chairperson Kabale Boda Boda cyclists association. He says the decision to close some stages will render very many youths involved in the boda boda business unemployed.

Safari is also worried that this may escalate crime in the town as many youths would turn to crime for survival. Mahadhi Issa operates at the Katuna road Junction. He describes the proposal by the authorities to evict them from junction as unfair since they were not involved in the planning process, adding that, they will not accept the move.

Hillary Kamukama, another boda boda motorist says the proposal to reorganize the town cannot succeed without support from residents. He says the reorganization should benefit all parties involved. Some of the affected cyclists are those who do their business from Post Office stage,Kabale District headquarters, Kabale shopping arcade stage among others.

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