A topic goes hot in social media today relating to women with no underwear and they call it ‘NO PANTY DAY’.

no pants today

According to a certain group of bloggers, girls are encouraged to set themselves free and go outside with no panty at all for 24 hours.

There is an annual event called ‘No Pants Day’ and another unique celebration called ‘No Pants Subway Ride’ which is being conducted in subway trains.

Each of the participants will have to take off their pants in public and will leave their underwear on.

This situation is still fine to us but having women go outside with no panty is totally strange especially if it has being organized by a certain group.

A YouTube user mentioned that the event is disturbing and cheap if ever it is really happening worldwide.

Some Internet users, however, showed their support and even dared to claim that they’re not wearing their panty today.

Anyhow, women always have an option to wear their panty or not. I just could not imagine who the person behind this activity is.

We’ve been searching the internet for some information that would help us validate this celebration but it seems that all of the data we accumulated are mere speculations.

As of writing, we don’t have a clue who initiated this viral news.

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