Allow your wives to participate in developmental activities- Men told

By Moses Oketayot

Men have been challenged to give their spouses enough time to engage in developmental work hence promote socio-economic development of the home, community and the country at large.

This advise has been given by the chairperson to the Parliamentary committee on Gender Labour and Social Development MP Flavia Rwabuhoro, during a breakfast meeting of Women Economic Empowerment (WEE) in Kampala at Mestil Hotel in Kampala organised by the ministry of gender labour and social development (MGLSD) and ActionAid International Uganda (AAIU) and International Center for Research on Women (ICRW).

Rwabuhoro stated that many women spend a lot of time doing unproductive work such as cooking, fetching water, taking care of children among others which she says has crippled the economic development of the country as well as families.

She further added that men should always encourage and support their wives to do productive work rather than leaving them to do house work, which at the end of the day yields little yet the current economic situation needs collective efforts to have a better meal on the table and women, are the best due to their natural given creativity.

However, the legislator also urged government to extend services like boreholes, markets among others to the nearest places to save time women spend while trekking long distances and concentrate on productive work.

She also called on government to put in place mechanisms where domestic workers mostly women will be given six-month training to get enough experience on  housework  both locally and internationally like topics on housekeeping, and kitchen work to eliminate or reduce on the challenges that the women face while at places of work.

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