BITTER TRUTH! Why Magogo’s Fufa can’t allow SC Villa, Express FC to shine


By Immanuel Ben Misagga

In 2019, Moses Magogo spotted a power vacuum at SC Villa and seized the moment to infiltrate it. Using his influence as Fufa president, he placed his henchmen in key Villa positions under the guise of helping the club with restructuring.

The move seemed to pay off well and Magogo positioned himself to draft a new club constitution which he thought he would use as a vehicle to take over the club.

Fortunately, the club trustees woke up to this clandestine move and stopped it in its tracks. It was a bitter pill for Magogo to swallow but he couldn’t leave without ruining the club.

All the top players were sold and as his henchmen scattered back to Fufa for redeployment, they tried to blackmail the club as debt-ridden.

Since then, Magogo has never seen anything good at Villa; from the administration up to the players.

But Villa is here to stay and he will leave it behind when he goes. At every opportunity, he taunts the club as a sleeping giant yet behind the scenes, he pulls the strings to kill it.

At the height of the Villa resurgent between 2014 and 2018, Magogo spearheaded a smear campaign to dissolve the club executive. He disrupted Villa by bankrolling hooligans to create confusion. His fear, which he still holds to date, is that Villa has always been a power centre in Ugandan football.

A strong Villa can easily sway other clubs for a collective bargain. That’s why Magogo and his Fufa executive are doing everything to isolate Villa and, to some extent, Express FC.

Last week, Magogo heaped praise on Vipers FC and KCCA while ridiculing Villa and Express. It is true we cannot have a strong UPL without a strong Villa and Express.

The question is; what has Fufa done to promote the two clubs? Nothing. Instead, Fufa works tirelessly to see them down. I warned Kiryowa Kiwanuka when he took the helm of Express that Magogo can never allow the Red Eagles to thrive under him. Many dismissed it as a fallacy because Express was flying high but the reality set in the moment anti-Fufa voices at Wankulukuku became louder.

The controversial penalties Express used to get disappeared and Fufa aided the exodus of their key players by simply telling the club to accept compensation instead of following the rule book.

Express has never been the same again but it is partly not their fault. That is where Fufa wants them to be.

So, as Ugandans yearn for the return of a competitive UPL, it is important to understand the issues at play. The one thing that stands out is that Fufa can never allow a strong Villa and Express to take the shine. ( The views expressed here belong to the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of this publication. Send your opinion, complaint, feedback, and letter to or call/text / WhatsApp 0777959024. Anonymous writers must indicate the reason.)

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