I Agreed With Museveni To Step Down — Mbabazi

Independent presidential candidate John Patrick Amama Mbabazi has said that he agreed with then boss president Museveni to leave power after serving the 2011-2016 term in office.


The former Prime Minster and National Resistance Movement (NRM) secretary general who ditched the party to pursue his presidential ambitions told a rally at Luzira playground yesterday that when Museveni reneged his decision, he also decided to contest for presidency.

“During the last elections, I agreed with Museveni that he should step down after this term ending in 2016. He later reneged on this and asked for my support, but I said no,” Mbabazi said.

He said that after Kyankwazi sole candidature, Museveni called him asking for more support in a bid to contest for another term.

“When we went to Kyankwazi, they supported sole candidature. Then he (Museveni) called and said I want to lead for more five years. He asked for my support. I refused.”

Mbabazi was part of the NRA war that brought Museveni to power.

He headed the war external wing. While in Nairobi, Mbabazi created an intelligence network for the NRA/M and at the same time coordinated the settlement of NRA/M families in exile, finding them homes and schools for their children.

He also coordinated the NRM/A’s contact with foreign governments.

When NRA guerillas led by Museveni took power in 1986, Mbabazi was the first director-general of the new foreign intelligence agency, ESO.

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