I Had No Motive to Kill My Husband – Uwera Nsenga

Jackie Nsenga (L) her late husband Juvenal Nsenga (R). She has been sentenced to 20 years in jail for his murder.

Jackie Nsenga (L) her late husband Juvenal Nsenga (R). She has been charged with his murder.
Jackie Nsenga (L) her late husband Juvenal Nsenga (R). She has been charged with his murder.

Jackie Uwera, the woman accused of murdering her husband, Juvenal Nsenga has told court that she did not have any motive to kill her spouse despite the challenges in their marriage.

Uwera is accused of killing her husband, Juvenal Nsenga by running over him with a car at their family home in Bugolobi, Kampala in January 2013. She denied the charges.

Prosecution alleges that on January 10, 2013, Uwera returned home at around 9pm driving vehicle Reg. No. UAL 933M. However, when her late husband opened the gate, she instead accelerated her vehicle, rammed through the gate and knocked him. The car then dragged him for a considerable distance along the concrete pavement.

At the opening of her defense against the charge, Uwera told court presided over by Justice Duncan Gaswaga that her vehicle lost control and rammed into the gate. She added that although she tried to control the vehicle by directing it away from the area where the husband stood, she was not able to save his life.

She added that at the time, she did not know who was at the gate because that would be the first time that her husband was opening the gate for her.  Uwera further explains that she tried as much as possible to save her husband’s life by acquiring the best medical care for him, although this was also not possible.

Early this month, Donati Kananura, the father of the late Juvenal Nsenga, told court that the deceased had confided in him that Uwera intentionally ran over him. Kananura narrated that the couple, who got married in 1994, were not on talking terms by the time of Nsenga’s death, and lived in separate bedrooms.

But Uwera told court that his in-laws are struggling to take over her late husband’s estate by having her incarcerated. She is infuriated that although the family understood that the death resulted from an accident, they reversed their stand after she placed a caveat on her late husband’s estate.

She says her action was in response to an advert by her father-in-law seeking letters of administration for the same.

The case has been adjourned to tomorrow when prosecution is expected to examine her testimony and subsequently cross-examine her.

Susan Okalany, who led the prosecution, said that the defendant had put forward a number of issues that they were not aware of.

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7 thoughts on “I Had No Motive to Kill My Husband – Uwera Nsenga

  1. I don’t remember the last time I had of a licensed driver loosing control of a vehicle at 0 speed. It’s only possible in Uganda where status can decide whether or not one can go for a driving test prior to being issued with a driver’s license.

  2. A housewife returning home always after 9pm. What was she always doing out and leaving the children at home with their father? It defeats my understanding and who gives the children and the father dinner. What was her problem? So irresponsible mother and let her now pay for it. Sorry for Jackie because it looks like she will serve her prison term and go back to Rwanda bare-handed and of course without her children too.

  3. All of us were not there. Two people were there and one of them is dead. However, should Jacqueline Uwera be innocent, what is currently happening to her is the worst possible thing to any human being.

  4. Unfortunately its now down to the jury to decide whether or not u indeed had any motive to kill your husband. According to what we hear from the evidence given against you, u cut a picture of a woman scorned. You’ve been painted as a woman who was out to wreak vengeance on your own husband for reasons best known to u. A family like yours which had immersed so much wealth, living in a beautiful gated home, I personally w’dnt believe that any woman in their sane mind w’d wanna kill her husband to risk losing it all……..but hey, these days people don’t give a damn, they’ll kill even for no reason at all. U shd face the judges and let the law take its course. If u ‘re innocent, my condolences to u for the loss of your dear husband, however if u’re found guilty, I recommend u get locked up for life in an isolated cell on your own.

  5. May be what the widow is saying , is what happened its hard to convice me that she dint know it was her husband opening the gate, but at what speed was she driving? And for God’sake why put the coveat on the property of a man you ve killed? After knowing his father is seeking control? I dont blame them for reversing their decision to press charges! The guilty if you were having any would have conviced you to let the go of aquiring any finincial gain and wait on the mercy of the family, after all you were not on talking terms with your husband, why then want to take over his property after killing him?!!!!

  6. For sure you live as a couple and moreso married for all those years and you never bother to find out what belongs to him,how he acquired them,what type of businesses he is running and with whom,etc.Sometimes some women blame men and forget it is their fault.If you can be so unbothered,careless,uninterested,etc in what is happening around you then how can a man or a husband trust you or find you useful with handling serious issues in day to day experiences.Had she to divorce she would not have found herself in all this s…t she put herself in,however let the low take its course.

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