Jinja Community Laud American Delegation Led By ‘Soul of My Footprint’ For Transforming Lives

The Soul of My Footprint and its Partners at Jinja City Hall Chambers

A team of American blacks supporting Jinja residents through The Soul of My Footprint (TSOMF) Organization have been highly commended by the area leadership for extending support in a bid to empower the lives of vulnerable communities.

The group which jetted into the country on Monday September 20th 2021 led by Alfie Jelks, the founder of TSOMF, has for the last 20 year focused on empowering and giving hope to the most helpless children, elderly among other vulnerable people in communities of greater Jinja.

Sylvia Reed Receives a Gift from Jinja leaders made by Jaffer Buyinza

In his welcoming remarks, Bernard Mbayo the speaker of Jinja City Council (JCC) while addressing the team at the chambers described them as God sent given the sacrifices and costs they incur in travel expenses, donations among other services to ensure that residents of Jinja and the neighboring areas are empowered.

‘’ I am happy to note that TSOMF has over the years shown its care for the people of Uganda, particularly the greater Jinja. Your commitment stretches years back, and this support is further testament to the love that exists in your hearts as black Americans to the people of Jinja and Africa’’, said Mbayo.

Mbayo thanked the team for hosting Ugandan leaders when they traveled to the United States for a Convention, adding that the partnership between Jinja and TSOMF has grown over years.

The Soul of My Footprint members and their Partners at Jinja City Hall Chambers

He added that TSOMF has worked with those who are poor and at the lowest levels of the community to restore hope amongst lives.

Alton Peter Kasolo, the Mayor of Jinja City Council also expressed gratitude for the team’s commitment to support the area, revealing that their interventions over years have had an impact on the common man. He noted that despite being a city, the area is battling several challenges including poor education facilities, health care, and infrastructures among others.

‘’I thank you for having this heart .Most of you have been here on several occasions and the friendship has grown stronger. If we have friends like you who can buy tickets and travel all those miles and come to see your people it’s a blessing.

Alfie Jelks the team leader and founder of TSOMF thanked his colleagues for leaving behind others tasks and endured the journey to Africa for the Mission amidst the pandemic challenges.

‘’I want to thank those who have left their homes , families in the middle of the Pandemic and were able to look behind their needs and to see the needs of the children of Uganda. We are all excited to be here and do some group work for the people of Uganda ‘’, said Alfie.

Later, Jaffer Buyinza the founder of Muna Art Studio located in Jinja , Main street donated two pieces of Visual Arts to some members that also showcases African culture.

Jinja City Leaders ; Speaker Bernard and Mayor Peter Welcomes The Soul of My Footprint (TSOMF) delegation

The Soul of My Footprint was founded in 2000 by Alfie Jelks and established as a non-profit in 2012. Its primary objective is the propagation of on purpose and provisional supplies of medicine, clothing, and basic care items for the people of Jinja.

Other aims include the provision of scholarships for academically wise high school seniors planning a major related to science, social services, education, theology, or non-profit work with origins of humanitarian means in order to further carry out the primary objectives of the organization.

Ms Namusoke Roslyn, the head of The Soul of My Footprint (TSOMF) in Uganda commended the American people for the great work they were doing to improve the livelihoods of the Jinja community and the neighboring districts adding that many families have benefited from their work.

In 2019, over 1000 residents of Buikwe and Jinja districts received free treatment from American and Ugandan health specialists during a three day medical camp at Namiyagi ,Wakisi Division in Buikwe near Jinja District that was organized by The Soul of My Footprint .

The camp targeted disadvantaged residents where Children, elderly and Women in the district assembled most.

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