Judges Are ideologically disoriented — M7

Judges Are ideologically disoriented — M7

 By Serestino Tusingwire

President Museveni has expressed frustration with judicial officers who offer bail to murder suspects and others accused of serious crimes.

According to Museveni some judges take decisions that are likely to be in conflict with national interest and can cause unrest in the country.

He added that bail is not mandatory to everyone as it is taken to be today.

“Even when the law is there, you find judicial officers who because of ideological disorientation making wrong decisions,” he said before adding that, “ bail may be granted but not a must as it has become a norm to some of the judicial officers today.”

Museveni made the remarks on Thursday while closing a three day conference for East African Judges and Magistrates in Kampala.

It should however be noted that the supreme law of Uganda provides that a suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty and a right of fair hearing as provided in article 44 of the constitution  applies to everyone.

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