Kanyamunyus Sent To Luzira

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Kanyamunyu Co-Accused Sent Back to Luzira

By Serestino Tusingwire

Matthew Kanyamunyu, his girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari and his brother Joseph Kanyamunyu have been sent back on remand at Luzira prison until 17th January 2017.

The trio appeared before Nakawa grade one magistrate Noah Sajjabi this morning for hearing of charges where they are accused of murdering child activist Kenneth Akena on November 12.


The state prosecutor, Rachael Nabwire, told court that investigations in the murder case are still on-going and needs more time.

Once investigations are complete the trio will be committed to the High Court for trial, since their case is capital in nature and only tried by the high court.

Prosecution alleges that on November 12, while at Game Stores, Kanyamunyu in company of his girlfriend, allegedly shot Akena whom he accused of scratching his car, and drove him to Norvik hospital where he died from.

His brother Joseph Kanyamunyu is held on condition that the telecom printouts indicated that he was contacted immediately after the incident, which puts him in position to be having some knowledge on the incident.

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