Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni

Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni is set to contest for the country’s top job in 2016 when the East African country conducts it’s next general election, according to sources within the National Leadership institute, Kyankwanzi where NRM legislators are holding a 10-day retreat.

MPs John Simbwa (Makindye East), Hatwib Katooto (Katerera) and the deputy Minister for Karamoja, Ms Barbara Oundo Nekesa seconded a motion proposed by Evelyn Anite, Northern Youth MP.

If he contests, Museveni will be seeking his 5th term as president of the country.

He has spent 28 years in power having captured power in 1986 after a five year guerrilla war.

For many Ugandans, Yoweri Museveni is the president who brought democracy to a country reeling after decades of dictatorship and went on to steer it towards strong economic growth.

For other more critical voices, however, he is the leader who, after almost three decades in power, increasingly looks like Uganda’s president for life.

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5 thoughts on “M7 To Contest 2016 Poll

  1. Shameless Museveni to contest in 2016 after the Public out cry that he is staying for long on power only making corruption,bad governance and dictatorship take root in Uganda.

    1. sure, there is really no public out cry unless you are the public. yet you point out rightly that he has stayed quit long in power. some people however to not see it that way, otherwise why would they second him

  2. M7 very well knows that as soon as he ceases being president, he will be arraigned before the ICC to answer for war crimes in the great lakes region. And, if Uhuru Kenyatta and Bashir are anything to go by, M7 is also aware that it is well night impossible to drag a sitting president before the ICC. It also clearly shows that no African leader is safe from the global machinations of the international financial powers, the money masters of this world. One day they are extolling your virtues and the next day they are baying for your blood. Ask President Assad of Syria or the late Gaddafi.

    So, M7 will do everything he can to remain in power until his son Muhoozi is in position to take over power. After all which son would hand over his own father to be tried and jailed by an international tribunal.

  3. i have mentioned here before that Uganda is like a FAMILY SHOP whereby if the man is busy, the wife can sell items to a customer, and when she is busy too, the child can do the selling. One old man sold ripe bananas (Menvu) to his son and when the son asked his father why, his father answered that, that way, the money remains within the family, also read (home)…. M7, Janet, Dr. Atwine, Mohoozi, Saleh, Jovia, ……..the list is very long!!

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