Makerere NRM Boss survives lynching

Opoya Micheal

There was drama at Makerere University Food Science conference hall on Wednesday evening when NRM supporters MUK chapter nearly lynched their leader Micheal Opoya accusing him of embezzling their transport allowance money.

Opoya Micheal
Opoya Micheal

The meeting had been called by state minister for Youth Hon .Evelyn Anite to chat a way forward on how to mobilize a big crowd for Museveni nomination rally at Kololo on 3rd November.

Having talked to over 200 NRM supporters, Anite then announced a transport allowance to all those who had attended amounting to Shs4M in cash, before calling  upon Makerere students to mobilize in good number and show support to president Museveni as he gets nominated

“For matters of transparency, I don’t want a good party like NRM to get a bad image because of logistical issues. Therefore am giving Shs4M in cash as transport allowances to everyone who is here and make sure you share it harmoniously,”Anite announced said.

However this was seen by their leader Opoya Micheal as another avenue to pocket some extra cash.

The excited NRM supporters who could not exceed two hundred of them expected each at least to walk away with Shs15000, however to their surprise they received only Shs5000 each.

This caught students onto the wrong side, and had it not been the help of police it could be a different story as students wanted to lynch Opoya.

One student who made the counting said there were only 180 students in attendance, meaning that Shs900,000 was only given to students; hence Opoya remained with a balance of Shs3.1M.

“As long as there is money, such issues will never fail to come up, even if it was in other political parties such as FDC. However we call upon all NRM supporters at Makerere University to disregard that and come in big numbers on 3rd November to show support to president Museveni. We expect to mobilize over 30,000 supporters only around Makerere University,” said Ian Oswald, NRM MUK Chapter spokesperson.

When this reporter approached Opoya for a comment; sweating and panting Opoya defended that some money was channelled to cater for venue bookings, sodas and Airtime for mobilization, but his defence could not hold any water.

“I have received Shs4M, in cash as facilitation, and I gave it out to students, but I will not tell you how much I have given them. Don’t ask me how much they have received, but just know they have got their transport allowances, what you are seeing is just excitement,” said, Opoya when reached for a comment after the scuffle.

Realizing that already charged students were overpowering the three police officers who were at the venue, more officers were called to save the situation, and he was whisked away amidst tight security.

Students have vowed not to mobilize for Museveni’s nomination, come 3rd November until; their leader (Opoya) gives them the exact money they were meant to receive.

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