Mb’ra RRH Boss directs DROs to strengthen monitoring on the status of Laboratories 

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Amos Tayebwa
The Regional Referral Hospital Executive Direct  Dr. Celestine Barigye has directed all the District Health Officers from the region to strengthen monitoring and supervision in ensuring that  all laboratories are up to standard.
Dr. Barigye uttered this during a regional Bi-annual meeting with the  heads of health services alongside their laboratory attendants in Bushenyi District.  Dr. Barigye who officiated this meeting said that some laboratories in some health service centers aren’t up to standard but the Regional Referral gives accurate results that can’t be refuted. He implored his subordinates who are heads of Health services in the districts to make sure that there laboratory services are are well supervised in a way to keep the standard.
Previously laboratory services have been lacking in the health service centers until at the time when the experts are working hand in hand with the government of Uganda to improve health services up to standard.
According to Dr Robert Wagubi, the head of Laboratory services at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital awaiting National Referral status clearance said that they now offer Laboratory services that befit international standards.
He also said this as  Mbarara Referral Hospital Administrator while meeting heads of health services alongside their laboratory attendants in Bushenyi in a Bi-Annual Review meeting.
 Dr Wagubi adds that since 1954 Laboratory services at the regional biggest health facility have evolved from offering simple to top-notch tests of recently.
Apparently, Mbarara RRH has a three star laboratory equipped with qualified staff and diagnostic equipment.
“Recently we handled a case of a woman who was complaining that she has been moving from hospital to hospital in seeking  for treatment four years. She said that her condition was never diagnosed but upon diagnosis we found a fluke stuck somewhere inside and we had to remove it”, Dr Robert Wagubi.
Mbarara Referral Hospital was gifted with two laboratories one from World Bank through the government of Uganda and Histopathology Laboratory from the American people.
Dr Barigye who also overseers Health services in the region further  said  that the ministry of Health is working around the clock to build a strong laboratory of ecosystem as it’s the critical pillar in health care services dispensation. Dr. Barigye also a public health medicine specialist is optimistic that Mbarara RRH laboratory will soon be accredited to International standards as all processes are being followed.
Halson Kagure , the Mbarara Referral Hospital Public Relations Officer revealed that being a teaching affiliate of Mbarara University of Science and Technology has seen the hospital offer health care package beyond the minimum health care package of a regional referral hospital.
Kagure said that these among others include renal dialysis, brain surgery, CT scan services,  Tumor markers among other diagnostic investigations.
Dr Peter Ssebutinde the Mbarara District Health officer warned people against seeking laboratory services from any clinic.
On the other hand Dr Edson Musherure, the Isingiro District Health officer applauded the Mbarara Referral Hospital Director’s efforts to lobby for a vibrant laboratory services though he noted that laboratory services providers should always undertake refresher courses to update their skills amidst changing times of epidemics and pandemics.

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